A business is only as strong as its closest customer relationships…

Sometimes companies are misguided by the concept thatstar customers depend on them, however, the truth of the matter is that we very much so depend on you! We want to make you happy, we want to hear your views and we want to give you the best customer experience possible.
As an intern for Web Adept, I carried out a customer satisfaction telephone survey to see what you, the customer, thought of the company. As the last survey carried out was a number of years ago I thought it would be an interesting comparison. Have we managed to improve? I grilled a random sample of 30 customers for their views on our service, their website’s performance and whether we were worthy of a recommendation.
So, what did I find…?

Customer service has so many important aspects to discuss but I didn’t think keeping you on the phone for an hour at a time would be appreciated! I decided on 8 key features of which 6 were explored in 2009 as well. These were rated out of 5, where 1 indicated poor and 5 indicated excellent, and worked out the average rating.


Looking at the scores from 2009, it didn’t look like it was going to be possible to improve as they were pretty impressive scores. However, Web Adept has succeeded to continue to excel in customer service in every way possible!
speech3A website that no one can find is like creating a load of flyers and dumping them in the desert. With 80% of people using a search engine to search for a service or product and 90% of those not searching past the first page of results, it is vital to have a website that ranks well on search engines. So I was curious to find out just how well your websites were performing…
After investing in us, a staggering 83% were satisfied with how visible their websites were on search engines!.
Furthermore, over three quarters (76%) were realising noticeable benefits to their business.
We all prefer to trade with someone to whom we have been recommended, so my final question was just this – would you recommend us to a friend or business associate? To our delight, an astounding 93% wouldn’t hesitate to recommend us!
I could sit here all day jabbering on about the results and throwing some stats around but sometimes the best way is to just read it for yourselves.
So take a look at what some existing customers had to say:
“Since Web Adept launched my website last year, I have had some £40,000 of landscaping work on the books and have numerous quotes in the pipeline for 2013 directly from the website. I am very pleased with the site, and the quality of customer care I am still receiving from the Web Adept team. Thank you.”

Gordon Smith – Down to Earth Landscaping

“We have been working with Web Adept for 2 years and I’m very satisfied with the help and support we’ve been given. The website is extremely successful and is generating a huge amount of business for us.”

Debra Rogers – Bay House Tenby

“We are really happy with our website and would definitely recommend Web Adept’s services should any opportunity arise”

Paula Rayner PLANED

Of course, the whole point of a customer satisfaction survey is to gather feedback and like any company there are always areas for improvement. This feedback is all invaluable and has been noted down to keep delivering the best customer service possible.
If you like what you’ve read and are interested in setting up a website or marketing an existing site with us, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

By Katy Thomas

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