Online Marketing – Do It Yourself or Get Some Help?

online marketing agency or diy?Seeing your website go live is a great feeling. It’s usually the result of months of hard work, organisation and expense.
Unfortunately, if you want to get the full value from your website, this is only the beginning!
Successful online marketing requires constant optimisation, real time social media interaction and the creation of original, engaging and web optimised content.

There’s no doubt about it, these techniques ALL work. They WILL deliver more traffic to your website, build your online profile, improve your relationship with your customers and, ultimately, bring more sales. The question isn’t ‘should we be doing these things?’ It’s, how can we best use our resources to get these things done?
DIY or Outsource?
For most businesses there are two options. You either manage all your online marketing by making the most of your own resources, or, you use a specialist online marketing agency. Which is best for you depends on two crucial factors:
1. Time
Running an effective online marketing campaign takes time. It will require a minimum of 10 hours work each week. If your competitors have a strong online presence, it may require significantly more.
Before you start any campaign you need to be realistic about how much time you, and your employees, can dedicate to your online marketing. This is where most companies come unstuck.
Initially, doing all your marketing yourself might work fine. The trouble comes when other tasks begin to take precedence. Eventually you could be left with a blog that’s not been updated in months, disorganised web pages and a non-existent social presence. In many ways, this approach is more detrimental than doing nothing at all.
Be realistic about what you can do from the start. If you don’t feel that you can give it the time it needs, outsourcing your online marketing to an online marketing agency might be the best, most cost effective option.
2. Expertise
Running a successful internet marketing campaign is largely about expertise. It doesn’t matter how many times you update your blog or how much time and money you invest into PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, if you aren’t going about it in the right way, you won’t see results.
The reason a lot of businesses choose to manage their online marketing in-house is that they want to save money. Though it is true that outsourcing your online marketing will cost you money, in many cases it actually represents far better value than doing it yourself.
Firstly, by employing a specialist online marketing agency you will benefit from years of online marketing experience. They will do things in exactly the right way and ensure that you are getting the greatest possible value. Secondly, due to their expertise, tools and specialist experience they will be able to market your website in a very time effective way. Something that may take you three hours to complete might only take them 30 minutes. In many cases, outsourcing to a marketing agency will actually save you money.

Are you struggling to manage your online marketing? Do you feel you should be getting more from your website?
Why not get in touch? We have a number of affordable online marketing packages which could help you take control.
By Angus Findlay

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