Say it better with a newsletter – tips on how to improve your email marketing

It’s easy for us to all get swept away in the constantly refreshing world of social media, but now it’s time to slow the pace down and take a good look at newsletters. 
Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are all busy-packed environments.  Everyone is trying to get your attention constantly.  Users are being wooed from all directions and it’s a case of shouting loudest to get yourself heard.
What if we told you that there is a space for your band to be heard.  Where you wouldn’t be competing constantly?  Well there is a place..


Newsletters are the perfect space for you and your brand to have a slower conversation with your clients.  So take a step back and take your time to craft a perfect newsletter.  So, how do you do just that?

People are busy, use a great headline and make sure the content which follows is interesting and pertinent.  If they like what they read they might get in touch or buy something, or at least they will be happy to read your next newsletter!  It doesn’t have to be always be directly about your brand, got an interesting recommendation?  Share it!  Think about what your subscribers might be interested, don’t have a one dimensional view just because you are wanting to promote your business.

Please make sure your newsletter looks great.  From typography to layout each detail is important for your brand, so think about each choice you are making when you put your newsletter together.  And please promise us you will send out tests to make sure your newsletter looks as great in your inbox as it does in your newsletter system.  And definitely make sure it works on mobiles.  Most newsletters are read on mobile so don’t lose a key section of your subscribers by making it non-mobile friendly.

Once someone unsubscribes they are gone, and if you are receiving really frequent emails from a company you are far more likely to unsubscribe.  So make sure you are making the most of your newsletters, it is quality not quantity.  All your efforts should be put into curating an epic, loyal and engaged list.
We can’t stress just how important and valuable a great newsletter is for your brand.  But if you’re a bit nervous about setting one up, or not quite sure what to do, then why not get in touch with the team over here at Web Adept. We can take a look at your list, or even get you set up with one?  We can get your email marketing set up so you’re ready to go or we can do the whole lot for you.
Just get in touch and let us see how we can get your newsletters on point.

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