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Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

So, you’ve heard about the Google Notification that all websites which aren’t mobile responsive will no longer be displayed in mobile and tablet search results?

But are you unsure as to whether your website is mobile and tablet responsive?  Well there are a couple of ways to check.  Take a look at your mobile phone or tablet.  Go to your website and open it up, if you have to scroll around, if the text is tiny and the menu distorts then the chances are that your website is not mobile responsive.  Or alternatively use this mobile responsive website checker.

If it’s not mobile responsive, you really need to act.  Don’t Panic though.  If you want to move over to a platform which is mobile responsive, then we can help.  Contact Us now to talk about your mobile responsive options!

Think we’re being dramatic?  What if your competitors website is responsive, but yours isn’t?  That would mean that if anybody searched for your mutual services on a mobile device they wouldn’t get any results which were yours.  This means that by not having a mobile responsive website you could quickly lose business to your direct competitor without ever actually competing.  You will effectively be completely cut-off from potential customers.

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