Mobile Responsive Websites – Trend or Tradition?

While many things online change and trends come and go, having mobile responsive website is not ‘a trend’ – we’re here to tell you that it needs to be embedded as a ‘tradition’!

Some time ago, we published a blog explaining why your website needed to be mobile responsive . Ever since, it has become more and more important that your website is easy to access and mobile responsive so that works well on tablets and smart phones.
In short, if you don’t have a mobile responsive website, you will fall behind in search listings and experience increased bounce rates – resulting in fewer visitors to your site and more to your competitors! Some businesses are even taking a ‘mobile first’ approach to web design, assuming that more people will access their website via a mobile device than a laptop or PC. So a mobile responsive website is definitely the investment you need to drive business forward.
Still not convinced?

Our love of mobile devices keeps on growing

Look around you. How many people are using a mobile device? Unless you’re at the top of a mountain, chances are, a good proportion of those around you will be glued to their mobile device – and the rest will be wondering if it’s time to check their emails again. Even if you are at the top of a mountain, there’ll probably be a few people trying to get a signal to upload a picture to Instagram…

61% of the UK’s online minutes are spent on a mobile device

Marketing statistics suggest that in the UK, in August 2016, people were spending 66 hours A MONTH browsing the internet on their smartphone – compared with just 29 hours on a desktop (in the USA, the stats are 89 and 34hrs respectively). Last year, a whitepaper was published suggesting that 61% of the UK’s online minutes were spent on mobile devices.
Whether you call it the modern addiction, or simply how things are, the fact is that smartphones are the device of choice for an ever-increasing section of the population – and therefore for your customer base. If your website isn’t mobile friendly and responsive, you will very likely lose out.
Which leads us on to this:

You need a mobile responsive website for SEO

Within the UK, in January 2018, Google had a massive 84.9% of the market share with Bing next with 11.23%, Yahoo on 2.64% and MSN on 0.55% (thanks, Statista!). So, not only is Google by far the most important search engine, crucially, Google includes mobile responsiveness as an integral ranking factor for search results.

Google has a massive 84.9% of the search engine market share

Your website is simply not going to get a look-in if it’s not mobile responsive.

And if we do find your website using a mobile device, well, it can do more harm than good because…

We are impatient!

Smartphone in hand, mobile data to the ready, we are ready to browse whenever there’s a lull in whatever else we are doing. If visitors to your website can’t access what they want, they will be quick to move on elsewhere.
Google suggests that 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% go on to visit a competitor’s site instead.

In today’s mobile world, your website needs to be responsive to the device that is accessing it, otherwise your content will be left unread and your bounce rate will increase.

What’s more, the Google statistic above suggests that an unresponsive website will encourage potential customers to go elsewhere.
So, an unresponsive website really does do more harm than good – isn’t your business worth more than this?
Finally, another technical – but critical – point to understand:

A separate ‘mobile’ site risks penalties for duplicate content

It ought to be a Government health warning “Duplicate content can seriously damage your website’s health”. The Panda update to the Google search algorithm deals with duplicate content – negatively. Now that mobile sites are included in rankings, having a mobile site and one for desktop is likely to incur penalties from Google. Having one, mobile friendly, responsive website reduces the likelihood of penalties for duplicate content.

So, mobile responsiveness is not a trend – it must be a tradition, a custom, a practice. It’s essential for your website and for your business.

A responsive website will keep your business competitive in the online marketing space which is so valuable and will only become more so. The good news is that we can help you create a responsive website that’s fit for the challenge!
We are an award-winning agency, with over 20 yrs experience of developing websites and digital strategies that will help your business develop and grow. We’d love to hear from you, so get in touch to discuss how we can help!

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