Mobile Internet – Are You Ready for the Mobile Revolution?

Over the last couple of years the mobile revolution has been slowly building momentum. Yesterday, that momentum was given a significant boost.
As of Tuesday 30th October 2013, all major UK cities will have 4G mobile signal thanks to the mobile network EE. This means that mobile users will be able to access a high speed network connection while they are on the move.

Mobile internet has been around for many years, but the recent development of smart phones and the popularity of tablet computers like the iPad have made it far more commonplace.

What Does It Mean for Businesses?

Even before the introduction of 4G, mobile’s relevance to all sorts of businesses has been quickly growing. People are using their mobile phones and tablet PCs to find products and services whilst on the move. This is especially true for ‘local’ businesses.
Consider this scenario: if someone was in Harrogate and they wanted to buy some flowers, they are far more likely to use Google to find a florist than a phone book. They will use their phone and probably call the first number that pops up. Due to Google’s geo-locating ability, it will provide a listing for the nearest florist to your current location and give you the option to ‘call’ or ‘get directions’ directly from the search listing.

If you are that #1 listing, you are going to get a lot of business!

Mobile isn’t just important for local business though. Commuters will often use their time on public transport to look for suppliers, products and services. Consumers are also consistently using phones and tablet computers in the home to shop for products and holidays. A recent report has shown that 86% of mobile internet users will access the internet through their phone or tablet whilst watching TV. As the mobile internet continues to develop, this figure is only going to grow.

Your Customers Are Using Mobile – Are You Ready?

In order to benefit from the mobile revolution you need to take certain steps to ensure that your business is visible to mobile internet users.
Firstly, if you are a bricks and mortar business, you NEED to make sure your Google profile is up to date and fully optimised. This will mean that anyone searching for your product or service in the local area should at least see your business listing.
The next crucial step is your website. How does it look on a mobile browser? What about a tablet PC?
It’s very important that your website is easy to use, looks great and maintains full functionality when viewed on a mobile device. If your website currently uses flash, you may need to consider setting up a designated mobile site for mobile users.
Each website we design is tested across all mobile browsers. If you are worried about how your website looks on your mobile phone, why not give us a call?

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