Memolane – It's Cool or maybe Geeky?

Social Media Timeline
The Memolane timeline is your guide to your online life. It shows each of the moments you have created through your online services and presents them as individual memos on the day that they were made.
On the bottom edge of your Memolane is the timeline bar, which allows you to quickly and easily navigate to any date on your timeline. A red marker on the timeline bar indicates what part of your timeline you are currently viewing.
In English this means every time you upload, update, add to, contribute in, check in and out…. of any social media platform like Foursquare, Linkedin, Yahoo, Facebook or Twitter it will show on your time line. Scroll back=wards and forwards and you can see what happened, where you were and the conversations that were had on that day. Kinda cool and kinda geeky but looks good.
Have a go and see what you think. Only takes a 30 mins if you can find your passwords…..
Web Adept’s Memolane:
[memolane lane=”josephwebadept” width=”700″ height=”550″]
By Angus Findlay

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