Low Cost Websites – You Get What You Pay For

Do low cost websites offer good value for money?Despite 40% of businesses in Wales still not having a website, the vast majority of Welsh business owners are beginning to realise that all businesses should have some form of online presence.
Unfortunately, unless they have someone to advise them, to most business owners all websites are the same. If all websites are the same, why not go for the cheapest? Right?

There are lots of companies who currently offer very low cost websites for businesses who just want to ‘get online’. Unfortunately, although these ‘low cost’ services have a low initial cost, the long term implications of using them mean that they actually represent very poor value for money.

A False Economy

Most of these low cost website services offer a template to help you build your website and charge you a flat monthly fee in return. It’s simple and, on the face of it, good value. Unfortunately there are many hidden limitations which will greatly impact the long term value you get from your website.
One of the major shortcomings of these low cost websites is their visibility. Though you are able to adapt the text and colours of your website, you don’t have access to the actual database. This means that you are unable to optimise your website for the search engines and, as a result, receive much less visibility for your key search terms. Less search visibility means much less traffic.
Another limitation is the visual flexibility of these websites. Though they do offer a number of different templates to choose from, these templates are very generic and basic in their design. In the current online environment, the way people perceive your website is really important. In order to ‘like’, ‘share’ and link to your website, people need to have a really positive experience whilst using it.
Lastly, these low cost website services are simply letting you use their services. You don’t own your website! If you are running a business, you need to have complete control over all your property – that includes your website.
The internet is the most lucrative marketplace in the world. Unfortunately, it’s also the most competitive. Your competitors are likely to have well designed websites which are optimised and marketed for maximum visibility in the search engines and the social web. If you use one of these low cost websites, you simply won’t stand a chance.
When you are considering how much to spend on a website it’s worth thinking about the long term financial implications. Will it cost you business? What’s that business worth to you?
We build cost effective websites which are designed to deliver the greatest possible value in the current online environment. The returns that our customers see mean that our web design services offer great value for money.
Do you want to get your business online? Want to do things properly?
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By Angus Findlay

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