Link Building – For Taking Your Website to the Town

Link Building – For Taking Your Website to the Town

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Link building makes a major part of search engine optimisation. It involves a slew of methods such as directory submission, link exchange, article marketing, press releases, social bookmarking, etc. Read on to know how you can get the optimum benefit out of link building.
If you thought just building a website was enough to get you online sales, you were mistaken. It won’t work till the people don’t know that it exists. You won’t go to town yelling about your website, will you? So what will you do then? You have to go in for search engine optimization.
If you have done things like the choosing of keywords and writing the content well, then link building is what is left of search engine optimization. Link building is the process of linking web page to another through a word or group of words called anchor text.
Algorithm of major search engines regard links as a method of gauging the popularity of websites. The more incoming links a website has, the more popular it is in the view of search engines. Along with the numbers, the relevancy of the web page providing the link and the standing of the concerned website in the Internet counts as well.
Link building is an idea that is easy to think of but difficult to execute. It is a time consuming task which needs execution of a complex strategy to make it successful. To put it theoretically, people who like your website would provide you a link. In the real world, however, good things don’t come easily. You have to work hard to convince other people to provide links to you. It is something that only a seasoned link builder can do. Professional link-builders are well-versed in the process knowing exactly how to derive the optimum out of the exercise.
Suppose you want your website optimised for the keyword ‘Link building wales’. You should devise a strategy then to get as many links as possible using the same anchor text. There are several methods to get the links, which should be in tandem for the maximum benefit in terms of search engine rankings.
You can correspond with the other webmasters and the relevant bloggers to inform them about your website and convince them about the merits of providing a link to you. If you manage to do that, all is well. However, the chances are that most of them won’t respond and even when they do, they would ask for a link in exchange. Such links are termed reciprocal links, which do not carry great value in the view of the search engines.
You won’t be familiar with link building strategies such as three way linking or link wheel. Such methods devised by experienced link builders are very effective in extracting the juice out of the algorithms. These strategies are usually implemented over several months.
There are methods such as directory submission, article marketing, press releases and social bookmarking to get backlinks. Again, when done effectively, these methods work perfectly in pushing a website ahead in search engine rankings. However, the ability to build backlinks in an impeccable manner comes through years of experience and not in days or weeks. So if you think that you would learn it in a few weeks and do it yourself, you better rethink.
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By Angus Findlay

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