Launch of the West Wales Technology Forum

The West Wales Technology Forum is a new venture to be run by technology practitioners for practitioners, aiming to raise the standard of technology and increase collaboration in the technology sector of West Wales. The forum is to be independent and run by the members. No public sector funding is expected or sort after.

The aim is to increase practitioners knowledge and ‘raise the bar’ of the West Wales technology sector, especially given the inevitable rollout of stable and super fast broadband to the area over the next couple of years.
Events are planned once a month where a speaker from the membership will give up a few hours of his/her time to talk about some aspect of technology they have been successful with. There will also be opportunity to network with members from the sector to discuss current trends, technology etc and in the longer term, perhaps work with each other on some projects.
Any business involved in the technology sector in West Wales may join, engage and/or contribute.
The first event and launch of the forum is to take place at the Bridge Innovation Centre, Pembroke Dock Tuesday, 15th Oct (0900 till 1300). See the event details on Eventbrite and also to book.
By Angus Findlay

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