Introducing a new website for The Name Tape Company

nwc2The National Weaving Company supplies custom woven clothing labels and associated products for use on school uniforms and other pieces of clothing. They are always looking for new ways to engage with clients and have now decided to start The Name Tape Company which uses a voucher system where vouchers are sold to potential clients by retailers for ordering labels online.

They have requested a new Voucher System website which allows the client to enter their details and order their labels online. The client will then receive emails when they are distributed so they know what’s happening at all times. The system needs to be “bomb proof” in its efficiency throughout the whole process as well as needing minimum maintenance.
Take a look at the website we have created by clicking on the picture bellow.
name tape
We have set it up so when an order is processed all details are saved into a database and the admin can download the data though a csv file which triggers an email sent to the customer. There will be two types of emails sent depending on the time of the day the order is placed which we have automated – one showing same day dispatch for orders downloaded early in the day or next day for those after lunch. The website will also include a voucher builder/generator which can be done by the admin and an order history available and searchable after download.
If you are interested in creating a specialist website like this then please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Contact us here.
By Katy Thomas

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