Internet Marketing – Jargon Busting

marketingwordsHere at Web Adept we understand that the world of internet marketing is a bit of a maze, especially if you’re new to it.
However, even if you are savvy to online marketing trends the digital world does evolve at an incredible rate as techniques and trends change.
To fully communicate with internet marketing businesses need to fully understand the terms which relate to it.
Here’s a list of  the most important terms for small businesses to understand when it comes to internet marketing.

Inbound Marketing in Internet Marketing

Inbound marketing refers to the writing and publication of content – high quality content- which attracts your potential customer.  Content can be a blog post, such as the one you are reading today.   It might also be a picture, a video, or an infographic.  Inbound marketing is, as you would expect, the opposite of the old methods of outbound marketing.  Outbound marketing pushed your resources ‘out’, such as through cold-calling, mail-outs, and email marketing.  Inbound marketing pushes your resources ‘in’ to your business – through creating content which will appeal to the customers you want to target.  Rather than hoping to target everyone and hoping to catch someone inbound marketing makes you visible to the people who are looking for you.
Inbound marketing may well be the most crucial aspect of internet marketing, but other factors do play an important role in your online visibility.
Content Marketing for Internet Marketing
Content Marketing is very similar to inbound marketing.  It means starting off with a website whose content is already appealing to customers.  You have created a website which is relevant and engaging.  The content of this website needs to be optimized for search engine visibility.  This optimized content will attract a targeted group of people who are already more interested in buying from you and what products you are looking to promote.

Social Media and Internet Marketing

Social Media, sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, are ways which businesses can share ‘media’.  The sharing of ‘media’ through these channels is one way which the social web can help your business.  Through sharing content and media you increase the interest in your company.  Sharing isn’t the only way to use the social web as a form of internet marketing however.  Social media can also allow companies to network, collaborate and monitor competition.  The social web is fast becoming the whole internet, allowing use to create and maintain human relationships.

Search Engine Marketing

Now, this one has been around for a while. The reason it makes into our list is that its meaning has changed enormously over the last 2 years. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a process which aims to improve the search engine rankings of a particular website or webpage. A few years ago, for many companies, this meant engineering keyword densities and using artificial link building to climb the rankings. Thankfully, Google have changed all this. Now, content and the social web dictate the search visibility of a page. If you want to rank, you need a blog, a visible social presence and a modern, well thought out website which gives users what they want!

Geo Targeting

With the explosion in the popularity of the mobile web, ‘local’ has become really important for businesses. Geo targeting is the targeting of web users based on their geographical location. This can be applied to email, search results, even Twitter and Facebook posts. Technology now gives us the ability to target our messages and visibility to users in a 1 mile target area. What could this technology do to for your business?

KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

One of the major advantages of the internet is the ability it gives businesses to measure and monitor the success of their efforts. A KPI is a measure of a particular metric. Getting more from your internet marketing is all about deciding which indicators are the most important for your business. Is it traffic, sales, engagement?
Once you’ve decided which KPI you want to measure, you then need to find a tool that can do it.
We offer a straight talking online marketing services which can manage your internet marketing, as well as in-depth consultancy.  We know what will work best for your business, and we will keep you up to date as to what you are gaining from signing up to a comprehensive service with us.
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By Angus Findlay

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