Inbound Marketing – The Key to Online Success

the inbound marketing funnel‘Inbound leads cost per lead 61% less than outbound leads.’

(Hubspot, 2012)

Are you still using traditional, outbound marketing techniques?
What if you could get twice the number of new customers for the same price?

Let’s go back a few steps…

What is Inbound Marketing?

‘Inbound marketing’ is best explained against the style of marketing which it replaces. In the past, companies have gained new customers by targeting and reaching out to them. This outreach might have been through a cold call, a leaflet through their door, an email or traditional advertising.
Before the proliferation of the internet and social media this type of marketing was effective. Consumers accepted it as there wasn’t a viable alternative.
Thankfully, things have changed.
With highly effective search engines, interactive social media channels and an almost infinite pool of information on the internet, consumers don’t want to be bombarded with marketing material. They want to do their own research, compare the competition and decide for themselves.
Inbound marketing works, not by reaching out to potential customers, but by attracting them with interesting content. This content could be anything from a tweet or a blog post to a video or info-graphic.
It’s economical, effective and provides both you and your customers with great value.

Higher Quality Leads

Lead generation isn’t all about price. Successful businesses aren’t always the ones who generate the most leads. You need to convert those leads into customers. They need to buy what you are selling!
This is where inbound marketing really stands out.
By producing high quality, functional content which can be easily found through search engines and social media sites, you are able to address many of your prospective client’s questions long before they choose to get in touch.
You can tell them about your company, explain why your product or service is the best, show your expertise and show them examples of satisfied customers. With your blog and various social media sites you can address almost every stage of the sales funnel. This means that when your customers do finally get in touch, they are ready to buy!
Inbound marketing involves the integration of search, social and high quality content to attract your ideal prospect. Those who are able to embrace this new method of online marketing are able to quickly gain traction in their chosen niche.
Though inbound marketing is, by far, the most effective marketing tool out there, using it effectively does require an in-depth understanding of many online channels and techniques – as well as consumer behavior.
At WebAdept we are able to offer a fully integrated inbound marketing service which incorporates our expertise in search, social and content marketing. With professionals in each individual field, we are able to offer the most comprehensive inbound marketing service in South Wales.
If you’d like to know more about how we can greatly increase the quality and quantity of your leads, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
By Angus Findlay

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