How to Get Noticed on Social Media – 4 Steps

The internet is awash with advice about how to get noticed on social media. We’ve read a lot of it and the thing that strikes us ever time is that it’s very high level ‘advice’- even the articles that include examples of what big brands have done to get noticed on social media don’t offer much in the way of drill down. You read the article, and then you’re left looking at an awesome Facebook post or a tweet or some stats that blow your mind, and you think: “But how did they actually DO that?

In this post, we’re going to offer 4 headline activities and some practical hints and tips to help you get noticed on social media in the same way.

Prioritising Social Media to get noticed

  1. Make social marketing a priority

For anything to succeed, you need to invest and persevere. It’s a common misconception that social media offers ‘free’ advertising, and that you can just ‘fit it in’ around everything else. In the sense that you don’t have to pay for a Facebook or LinkedIn business page or to be on Twitter or Instagram, this is true – it is free, and you could just fit it in around everything else, but if you’re really intending to get noticed on social media – if this is your strategy for marketing your business, this is simply not going to work.
Did you know? The John Lewis 2016 Christmas Ad generated 2,066 mentions of #OnTheMoon before the video even launched on YouTube

Take time to understand what social media can do for your business and create SMART objectives aligned to your overall business objectives.

  1. Get the basics right

We’ve looked at a number of ‘the basics’ in previous blog posts, but it’s worth reiterating that these things all need to be taken as part of a package if you’re serious about your efforts to get noticed on social media.
Did you know? 91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels. Social Media Times

Spending time at the outset to create a social media strategy – or taking some time to re-evaluate your social media activity – will set you on the right path.

  1. Be social

OK – this might seem obvious, but to get noticed on social media, you need to be social. This doesn’t just mean posting regularly, although this helps. It means interacting with followers, responding to comments, finding out where your online network is – not just your customer base but other businesses and suppliers you work with, and hanging out with them online.
Did you know? In 2017, it is estimated that there will be around 35.7 million social network users [in the UK]. Statista

Don’t stay in a social media bubble – engage with people, other businesses – your customers!

  1. Use the tools available

We’ve mentioned ‘insight’ data that the social networks make available. Have you had a look? Take Facebook – have you clicked on the ‘Insight’ tab yet?
You’ll find a huge amount of data here that will tell you who likes your page, the type of posts they like. It’s all good. It’s also worth taking the time to explore the paid advertising options the social networks offer and think about competitions.

Boosting a Facebook post for a relatively small amount of money can deliver huge returns in terms of increased page likes, reach and social shares
If you didn’t already do so before, we hope this article has given you a more in depth insight into some of the practical activities that you – your business – needs to engage in to get noticed on social media. If you’d like to talk some more, why not join us on Twitter @WebAdept or give us a call?
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