Grow your Facebook Audience – The Web Adept way

Facebook continues to be the biggest social media platform, and we want to help you get the most out of your business page. Despite being the largest social network Facebook is also one of the most difficult to grow your fan base on.  Facebook seem to change the rules regularly and it’s a bit tricky to keep up with the visibility and stickiness of your page.
Don’t get us wrong, Facebook’s paid advertising is simple, and really good value for money if you’re looking to grow your page and extend it’s reach.  But, if you’re looking to invest some time, rather than a quick fix money option, into Facebook we’ve gotten together a few tips which will help you get started.

  1. Prepare your Page

Make sure your Business Page is a business page.  This might sound a bit obvious, but we constantly come across businesses who are using personal Facebook pages as their business pages.  The problem with doing this is that a number of options which are available to businesses on Facebook won’t be usable.  This includes reviews, check ins, links to your website.  As well as being unable to use these functions Facebook is also aware that businesses are using personal pages for business, and are shutting profiles down.  You don’t want your page to be shut down.
Once you’re sure you are using a business page as your Facebook platform make sure that your profile is properly filled in with opening times, information and as much as you can include.  Don’t forget Google indexes your About section, so make sure that you’ve got plenty of keyword rich text in there!  Facebook also includes tools which can help you optimise your page.

2. Post Post Post!

Just as you would add news to your website, include it in your Facebook page! Posting news might get people to engage with your information and give you a direct line of engagement with your audience.  So make sure you are posting!
Regularly posting will also give people more of a reason to like your page.  An out of date page isn’t a compelling thing to engage with and if there is nothing there for visitors to engage with then there is nothing there for your visitors to share with their friends.

3. Post Post Post Part II – Make sure it’s interesting!

Ok, your page is filled out correctly, and you are regularly posting.  Great!  But, are you making sure the content which you are positing is actually interesting to your audience?  In the words of Facebook….
To help people have a good experience on Facebook, we try to show them the most relevant stories in their News Feeds. This means that as the amount of content shared on Facebook continues to grow, your Page posts will be competing with more stories to appear in News Feed.”
The more engagement your content gets is also directly equatable to your visibility, so if you’re really wanting to improve your reach creating interesting and engaged content is crucial.

4. Make it Easy

People aren’t scrolling Facebook looking for an in-depth info graphic or articles about the technicalities of your industry.  So remember your audience.  Also make it easy for them to find the content which you are pointing them towards, such as links and videos.

5. Invest in Facebook Insights

Invest your time in utilising the Facebook Insights tool to find out the inner workings of Facebook and your page.  You can analyse what is working best on your Facebook page, and in the future concentrate on that kind of content.  We think you will find that humanising content, like pictures of staff and the office, will often work better than a sterile product image.  It is ‘social’ media, so use it as such.

Taking your time to get to grips with Facebook can seem like a daunting task, but taking the time can really help improve your reach and audience. It’s a hugely popular platform and can be especially useful to B2C companies where visitor engagement is massively important.  Take the time to make your page active and interesting and always respond to messages and comments.  This will all help grow your audience and in turn your customer base.
If you want a hand getting your Facebook reach up there and increasing your Facebook audience interaction then let us know!  We can help improve reach and engagement.  Contact us now for more information.

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