Great gifts for tech geeks this Christmas

It’s December, and although the holidays don’t start for a couple more weeks, we’re in a Christmas mood in the WebAdept offices here in Pembrokeshire. It’s an occupational hazard of working in the digital world – developing websites and digital marketing – that we come across loads of cool stuff online, so we decided to put it all together into one big long Christmas list. There’s something to delight the tech geek in everyone (however deeply that inner tech geek might be hidden). So if you were stuck for ideas of what to buy that infuriating ‘person who has everything’, or were looking for something you never knew you needed, here’s our ultimate digital Christmas wish list for 2016.
1. Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset
For such a techie company, cardboard is the last thing you might think of, but Google is bringing the world of VR (Virtual Reality) to anyone who has a smartphone with the power of Cardboard – and some apps. Awesome, and very reasonable at £15.00
2. Laser keyboards
Mixed reviews, but hey, this looks pretty cool, and if nothing else, a bit of fun. Imagine conjuring up your laser keyboard on the commute into work (providing you’re not driving of course), or when you’re ‘hot desking’ in the local café.
3. Tech Will Save Us
They might be billed as toys aimed at children, but everything on is totally awesome, and really, has any one ever got too old to get a kit for a robot you can build and code yourself? Or a gaming console?No. We didn’t think so either.
Image of DIY gamer kit by Tach WIll Save Us
4. Mobile printer
The trouble with smart phones and tablets is that we take all these photos but what do we do with them? OK, they might get shared on social media, but admit it, there was something special about taking a roll of film to the chemist and collecting actual photos. This mobile printer connects via blue tooth to your phone and prints on ZINK photo paper – no need for ink cartridges or ribbons, just convenient photos. No need to take your SD card to the printer either…
5. BB8
So yes we’re waiting with baited breathe for Rogue 1: A Star Wars Story to hit the screens of Pembrokeshire on 14th December, but until that time, and perhaps even after, BB8 is still going to be cool. How much better could a droid get?

Image from Rogue One a Star Wars story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – it’s going to be so cool… ©Lucasfilm LFL

6. 3D pen
For anyone keen to take their doodling to the next level, this is just fab. The ‘pen’ extrudes heated plastic that cools almost as soon as it leaves the pen, and forms a stable, 3D structure as you ‘doodle’. Just imagine how much fun your business meetings are going to be from now on…
7. Amazon Echo – and Echo Dot
It will play your music, keep your diary, create your shopping lists and talk to you. The Amazon Echo is the latest in an admittedly relative short line of ‘smart assistants’, and we want one – either Echo (the big one) or the Echo Dot (the small one). In a review, Stuff compared Alexa, the virtual assistant at the heart of the Amazon Echo, to a bright obedient Labrador, although obviously without the flatulence. What’s not to like?
8. Mini drones in a protector
Forget the fact that this has a camera built in – just flying this mini drone looks like so much fun; but then add in the camera/video option and a whole world of possibilities opens up. It’s another thing you might buy ‘for the children’ but let’s not kid ourselves who’s going to play with it the most…
9. Mobile projector for smartphones Well, of course we want one of these. No more worrying about whether the tech will be in place when we go to speak – we’ll have our own, pretty much in the palm of our hands, and it will work with our smartphone. Not just that, but a perfect solution to impromptu child amusement, and the answer to those dreams of a home cinema room…
10. The One Thing
Because whatever you think, even tech heads like to read; and this is definitely a book we want to read. Why? It’s simple – The One Thing promises us that we can have both LESS – less distraction, less stress – and MORE – more productivity, and more satisfaction (and more income too). Does it deliver? Well if this time next year we’re posting from a hammock in Antigua, you’ll know the answer…
11. The Innovator’s Dilemma
A leadership classic, The Innovator’s Dilemma looks at how businesses need to be prepared  and agile enough to cast aside established business practices that have brought early success – or lose out. It’s all about disruption, and we love it.
12. Jibo
OK, so may be we can’t have Jibo this year, but we can always dream about 2017, now can’t we?

As we said. Something for everyone – and lots of things you never knew you needed but do now. Santa, we’ve been very, very good this year…

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