Google's '50 Shades of Blue' – Why Web Design Matters

The Importance of Web Design
Google have once again proved that website design is crucial for businesses.  The kings of the internet themselves have recently spent a huge sum on testing the impact of using different colored shades of blue in their advert links.

So, how does a website’s font get chosen? Usually a web designer simply chooses a colour and a decision is made.  But Google went for a different method when it came to designing their advertising links.  They ran a basic A B experiment.  So, users were simply asked to choose between one colour or another.  Google ran this test with around 40 different shades of blue.  These experiments showed which shade of blue customers liked the most and the conclusion reached was that a more purple shade of blue was more conducive to clicking than a greener shade.
That sounds like a lot of effort doesn’t it?  But Google obviously knew what they were doing.  That is a fairly heavy investment in Web Design and marketing.  But the pay off was massive.
£200 MILLION!  From this round of testing and experimenting Google have increased their advertising revenue by $200 million.  Google were willing to put a lot of thought into their web design and it’s relationship with their users.  A lot of thought and effort, on something which to many would seem totally pointless.  But that thought and effort came up trumps.
Web Design for YOU
Thinking about design helps a business.  If Google are spending vast amounts on the simple shade of their blue and getting massive results don’t you think that your business could spend a little and get an improved design.  You can read more about Google’s 50 Shades of Blue Saga here.
Lots of websites have left their website to fall by the way-side with business owners thinking that simply having a site is all you need to get the online responses that you want but we no longer live in a world when just having a site is important.  Web Design is crucial in order to get the responses you want.
Web Adept provide a bespoke design service which will cater for your businesses needs and design requirements.  Have a look at our design portfolio and see if we can help you get the most of your website design.
By Angus Findlay

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