Google – Your Digital Business Card

your digital business cardA few years ago business cards were a crucial part of any business transaction. Whether you see it as a good thing or not, Google has now made them (almost) redundant.
With 97% of consumers searching for local businesses online your online profile is the new first point of contact. Are you giving it the attention it deserves?

Can Searchers Find You?

Whilst optimising your online profile you should consider two main groups:

  1. Those who’ve been referred by another customer or contact.
  2. Those looking for a company which provides your product or service

Those in the first group might search for your own name, the name of your company or the specific name of your product. These searchers make it very important for you to ensure that the right pages show up in the search results for these search terms.
Tip: One of the best ways to ensure that you rank well for your name is to fill in and optimise your Google+ profile page.
For those in the second group you will need to do some targeted SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This is a process which ensures that your important web pages are visible in the search results for your key search terms.
After all, what’s the point of having a great business card if it’s always at the bottom of the pile?

What Do They See?

If you’ve done some SEO then you will soon start showing up in search engine results for your key search terms. The question is, what do people see when they find you?
Your top listing is likely to be a particular page of your website. What impression does this page give visitors? What about the other search listings? How does your page compare to your competitor’s? Is it relevant to the search query? Does it create a good first impression?
If you are approaching your online marketing in the right way, your website won’t be the only online profile you have. Hopefully, you will also have numerous social media profiles, including a Google + profile. Whether people find these profiles through a search engine, another social media site or a link from your own website, the impression these pages give is crucial.
Your social media profiles should be complete, engaging and targeted. Visitors should also see that you are active on each of your chosen profiles. They should see interaction, great content and, on LinkedIn and Google+ Local Pages, recommendations.
Business owners put a lot of effort into making sure their business cards represent them in the best possible way. Unfortunately, your business card will rarely form the first impression. How you are perceived by potential customers is governed almost completely by your online profile. To ensure you are being represented in the best possible way, online reputation management and digital marketing should be your top priority.
As well as a full range of Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation services, we also offer a range of online reputation management options.
Is your online profile representing you in the best possible way? Give us a ring and find out.
By Angus Findlay

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