Google : Should I use Google+ for my business?

Google + is, surprise surprise, the Google sponsored social media network.  Google + allows users to post and share and message in a very similar way to Facebook.  It has a few added extras, including linking with the other Google platforms and allowing funky functionality such as Google Hangouts.  However it just hasn’t taken off to the same extent as other social media platforms.

One way which Google+ is important to businesses however is the part that it plays in linking social media with Google search results.  It is always well-worth keeping in mind that Google is away and beyond the most popular search engine out there.  It has several layers and aspects to online marketing and it controls almost everything.  Because of the all-encompassing power Google has over the internet Google+ is a necessary tool in almost every businesses social media arsenal.


It’s linked with every aspect of Google.  Becoming an active Google + member will improve your rankings, and links your profile with Google maps and Google places will optimize your online presence in a way which more user-based social networks never would.


Google + doesn’t really seem to know what it is, and users really don’t know what it is.  Whereas an average user spends 7 hours a month on Facebook, an average Google+ user will use their account for 7 minutes a month.

Should my business be on Google+

Yes.  If your business has a website, or any sort of online presence really then you should be on Google. 
Google says  that Google+ is a social network, but one that spans all of their products and services.  In som eways they are right, you can share and comment and do all the things you can do on Facebook and LinkedIn.  But it one respect it is very very different.  The content that gets placed on Google+ and their other platforms, such as Pages and Businesses is indexed very very quickly for Google.  It is not just a social network.

Google+ is Google and represents the relationship between you, your website, social media and Google.

It’s important to realize that anyone who has a gmail account, automatically has a Google+ account created for them by Google and that it is impossible to have a fully functioning online presence unless you buy in to the Google state of mind.  If you can’t beat ’em join ’em

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