Google finds 40% of small Welsh firms have no web site!

Need we say any more……..?

There are companies like Web Adept in Wales that actually want to help businesses get online and are passionate about you getting results. We can deliver graphics and functionality abut the extra thing we bring to the partnership is common sense and business knowledge. Some of the the questions we ask are:

  1. Why do you want to have a web site?
  2. Who and where are your target market?
  3. What do you want to achieve from your web site?
  4. How can we put more of your business processes onto the web site so to save you time?

We want you to get it right so we guide you through the process. Also remember a web site can be changed and tweaked so it isn’t the end of the world to rejig the text or images to make it better.
Yes, you can get web sites cheap or even free but we always fall back to the same quote “pay peanuts, get monkeys”. You can also get a car cheap but how far will you get with a ¬£20 car?
There is huge potential out there to get results from your web site presence so plan it well and pay for a good service.  Have a look at our portfolio and maybe get some website inspiration!
Call us now if you want to start the process: 01437 72 00 33 or contact us here.
By Angus Findlay

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