Google is the biggest but Facebook is still the fastest growing media global company

Facebook is yet again the fastest growing media owner in the world.Whilst other companies can not keep up, Facebook continues to set the pace helped in part by its phenomenal movement in mobile (according to a report by ZenithOptimedia).
ZenithOptimedia have complied a comprehensive ranking (using their unique ranking system) of the top 30 media companies worldwide using their unique ranking listed Facebook as number 5 overall.
Facebook’s success is down to the fact that it now has 1.55 billion users and they visit their Facebook pages a number of times a day. Facebook is the most populated place in the world (I bet you thought China had the biggest population right?)!
For the second year running, Facebook has been placed as world’s fastest growing media company.
Stats now show that Facebook is coming in at 5th place, which is a movement of 5 places from last years number 10 spot. This is because its revenues are up 65% year on year.
It’s going to be interesting as they all continue to go head to head, with Alphabet (the new name of Google’s holding company), proudly in top place in the report.
Walt Disney, Comcast and 21st Century Fox are also still bigger than Facebook.
They all continue to fight with new and innovative ideas, however whist they do this, we can (as businesses) look at the unprecedented opportunity that they are creating for us in digital marketing.
Earlier this year Facebook released ‘Canvas’, a powerful way for businesses to tell their stories and to showcase their products. Just this week Google unveiled plans to have sponsored pins and searches on its maps.
The Opportunity for us (the small to medium business) …
Web Adept are excited about the dramatic growth and movements in the digital media market … you really do need to keep up though as the pace is just moving so fast!
Social media has become ‘the way’ in which people interact and communicate with each other.
With over 1.55 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 307 million on Twitter (and that’s not mentioning the other popular portals like Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and LinkedIn), millions of people are consistently interacting and talking to one another and keeping in touch on these social media portals.
Social media is now an important and integral part of people’s lives. For the Facebook marketers and advertisers, this huge pond of suspects, prospects and potential consumers continues to be a massive part of their digital marketing plans and strategy.
As businesses we need to jump on the ‘social media and digital marketing train’ or we simply lose out.
For more information on how we can help contact us for a free audit on your digital marketing methods and let us help you in getting on top of this opportunity and using it effectively.

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