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Here at Web Adept we know that nothing beats face-to-face training. Nobody has time to study how to use a product and nobody really wants to! This is why we provide many fantastic and highly interactive training courses to help you better understand the online world.
Have you ever wandered who exactly visited your website? How they found your site? Even what they did whilst they were on there? Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool which allows you to learn incredible facts such as these which are invaluable to your businesses success. Any business that wants to expand and grow their business on the internet should definitely be using Google Analytics and the best thing about it is that it’s free!
Google Analytics is full of overwhelming graphs and scary numbers which is enough to frighten anyone off but don’t worry we will guide you through everything in an easy to understand and interesting way. From whether you’re brand new to Google Analytics or just want a refresher, this training course is for you!
You will learn how to work with the report data; how to set date ranges, how to compare different date ranges and create meaningful graphs. You will then discover how to evaluate this data such as how many visitors you had between certain dates, the bounce rate (how long they stayed on your website) and what keywords they used to find your website.
All this valuable information will help you track your referral sources, improve your web design and content and identify your visitor preferences leading you to victory in the complicated online world.
If you would like to build your knowledge in Google Analytics or want some information on any other training courses that we provide then please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can help you get the best success from your website!

By Katy Thomas

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