Google Algorithms

How do Google Algorithm Updates Affect My Website?

Lets start with what Google Algorithms actually are.  An Algorithm is a computer programme which sorts out what webpages you want to see when you search for something.

There is a huge amount of rubbish on the internet, and there are webpages with helpful information.  Google Algorithms take your questions and answer them with the webpages they deem most helpful.   The Algorithms search for specific things within your website in order for it to show up in a Google search.  These include, the freshness of content, your region, and the quality of your content.  In lots of ways Google Algorithms and their updates are a great thing because it means websites with great content which are well designed and reliable are more likely to be higher in the rankings than unreliable and stale sites.  However when major updates take place your website might slip down the rankings because it doesn’t exactly comply with the algorithm update.  For more information about how Google Algorithms work, straight from the horse’s mouth, click here.

When Google puts a new algorithm update in place it may have some sort of affect on your website.  You might slip down the page ranking results because your site hasn’t ticked off all the required boxes.  A major algorithm update could completely alter what we had previously thought was good in a website, and would require changes to your content etc.  The chances are you will notice if your website ranking starts to change, and its normally big news whenever Google releases a major algorithm update.

Unfortunately Google really is the king of the internet and complying with their algorithm updates is crucial to ensure your website is getting the recognition it deserves in the search rankings.  If you are worried, or want help improving your search engine rankings do give us a ring on 01437 720 033 or contact us.

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