Content Management System

CMS Support – Guidance and advice on how to use the content management system

Control Panel – Admin area for you to manage your email accounts and web redirects

MySQL/PHP Database – required for websites with content management systems

Remote Email Access – accessing emails from any computer


Bi Annual Marketing Report – A review of how your website is performing and identify any new opportunities

Consultancy – Tailored feedback on how your website is performing and suggestions for improvement

Platform Reviews – identify any new platforms or trends to find out what your customers are using

Hosting and Domains

Domain Management – Renewals and transfers of domain names

Email Hosting – space to store your emails

Website Hosting – Stores your website and makes it available to anyone in the world at any time

Web & Email Hosting Administration – new email setup, password changes, telephone consultancy service

Web Space – dedicated space for your website


Key Phrases – The words that customers are most likely to type into search engines when looking for your type of service/product

Key Phrase Demand Research – To identify the demand for each key phrase in major search engines

Keyword Analysis – a review and tweaking of your keywords

Keyword Optimisation – selecting the best keywords to drive traffic from search engines to website

Monthly Progress Reports – so you can monitor how your website is progressing for each keyphrase in each major search engine


Website Maintenance – fixing broken code, compromised pages and missing data

Website Updates – updating website with text, images etc.

Website Statistics – measures web traffic and activity on your website


Bespoke Blog Article Submission – Providing unique blog posts with relevant content

Competitor Monitoring – Find out what your competitors are doing online and their position

Content Research – Finding business content that can be used as material to promote your business online

Organic Marketing – increasing visibility on search engines via natural/unpaid search results

Paid Marketing – distributing ads for instant and targeted traffic to your website

Social Media Posts – posting regular updates to promote your business and engage customers


Backup Restores – Restoring backup copies of your web pages when it gets compromised

Emergency Contact – Contact your account manager any time of day, any day of the week

Password Recovery – service for retrieving lost and forgotten passwords

Security Monitoring – so that we know as soon as your website has been tampered with

Security Patch Updates – equipping your website with the latest security updates to minimise the chances of being compromised

Server Backups – backing up and restoring files, folders and databases to prevent loss of data

Site Health Check – to ensure all web pages, emails and links are working

Social Media

Platforms – software or technology to facilitate interaction and user-generated content e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Social Media – audience engaging websites for interaction e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Social Media Action Plan – identifying which platforms are best for your business and how best to use them to develop new opportunities

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