Getting the most from your website's images

A lot of people don’t realise what an SEO gold mine images are on a website.  So we thought we could tell you how you can squeeze the most out of the images you used to boost your website in the search engines. 
Everyone knows, Google loves text and people like images.  Well by properly optimising the images in your site you will be able to please them both!  So let’s get started on how to get the most out of the images on your website.

The ALT Text

Not many people know this, but each image in a website has a place for ‘ALT Text/Tags’. ALT text is the text which will be used for those browsing online using screen-readers, generally the blind or partially sighted.  It is used to understand the images which appear on a web page, as a screen reader would read out the ALT text to it’s user.

What’s the point?

SEO optimisation blog about ALT text

Adding ALT text is easy in WordPress!

Well, even if you don’t have a lot of users who visit  your site using screen readers adding ALT text is really helpful to your SEO.  Google bots do not view images when they index a page, they are concentrating on the text visible on the page, and the keywords within it which will indicate what the page is about.  But by adding ALT tags to your images, you are flagging up to the bots that  this image is relevant to your keywords.  Google has publicly declared that the bots us the ALT text to establish the relevance of your images in response to search terms.
This means that adding well-crafted, and keyword orientated ALT text to your images can help both your partially sighted visitors and Google to understand what the image you are adding to a page or post represents.  Take the time to make sure your ALT text is properly written.  Not sure how to do this?  Get in touch and we can take a look and see how your website, as all work slightly differently depending on your content management system or website.  We can help you optimise your ALT tags and make sure that everything in your website is working for you to improve your SEO ranking and online visibility.

But Don’t Overdo It!

As with everything SEO-centric these days be careful not to ‘over stuff’ your keywords.  Just because it’s behind the scenes and the majority of users won’t be accessing them don’t take it as an opportunity to take advantage of this SEO boosting area. E.g., if you were a caterer a bad example of an ALT text would be ‘caterer for weddings London, caterer for events London, London caterer, event caterer, wedding caterer’ a good example would be ‘3 course meal catered by [insert name of catering business] London’
So ALT text is simple really, take it easy.  Just stick to the standard Google rule, make content which is useful and interesting for your user.  Make it descriptive, clear and concise  It’s simple, but a crucial area of your site which should be included in your Search Engine Optimisation strategy.  If you’re not sure how to get started, or would like us to take a good look at your SEO strategy then get in touch now.

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