Getting the most out of your content

So, you’ve done the hard work and written your article/blog post. What now?  How do you get the most of your great content?
Well the good news is you’ve already done the lions share of the work and we can show you how to get your content to work more.

1. Sharing is Caring

Let’s start the with the obvious.  Slap your article up on social media and promote what you’ve created! Make sure that you’ve spent some time deciding which your most effective social media channel is and then post your blog!  When you’re getting your latest article ready to share on social media make sure you’re sharing it in the most effective and catchy way.  Use sound bites and statistics and think about the title that you share with in order to attract the most readers and potential clients.

2. Email Marketing

People often forget email marketing, BUT your subscribers are the perfect audience for your latest news and information.  Providing people who are already interested in your products with great content written by you increases your chances of the content being read – and after you’ve spent such a long time working on your great new content don’t you want as many people as possible to read your stuff?  And who knows, it could translate to conversions!

3. Read all about it!

So your blog is up on your website, you’ve shared it on social media, and you’ve emailed it to your clients and subscribers – you can still find new readers out there!  And new readers may become new customers/contacts.  There are a whole host of other news sharing platforms you could use in order to spread the news of your great content.  Check out Triberr, Scoop, etc. Posting on other sharing platforms may get your content in front of key players and potential new customers or contacts.
There are, of course, tonnes of ways to promote your stuff online.  We’ve just started off with the few, easiest ways of making sure that you are using your blogs and updates to the best of your abilities. If you’re doing the stuff we’ve already discussed  you can also try your hand at trying to contact leaders of your field, video content marketing, and guest posting.
Whatever level you are at when it comes to content marketing Web Adept can help you get as much as possible from your digital content. Get in touch and we can help you today.

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