Get Started in September – Refresh your Digital Marketing

Forget New Years Day, September is really the time of new beginnings.Maybe it’s the memories of the first day of school and beginning a new school year, but we find ourselves reaching for new goals and making resolutions once the leaves turn brown.  So we are giving you the chance to take back control your digital marketing, and start your digital marketing school year the right way.  So here are our steps to get back on track.

1. Review what’s been happening

Over the summer holidays you might have let your mentions and feeds get out of hand.  Take the time to check out whats been going on with your social media accounts, acknowledge your new followers and check out your engagement.  You might have automated some posts over the summer period – make sure you’ve followed up everything that’s come up.

2. Check your Analytics

Make sure you’ve got these in the first place! But as long as you do, check out what’s performed best over summer and make a note to replicate what has worked best!

3. Know your objectives

Is your business still in the same spot it was in before the summer holidays?  Have your deadlines or priorities changed?  Are you now looking for work more actively, or maybe you have something new to push?  It’s important to take a look at what you’re offering and making sure that you’re pushing the things which you want to.

4. Assess your social media

Do you know where you are posting the most?  Or which platforms are engaging the most?  This is all important information for you moving forward.  Take the time to properly assess your social platforms and engage with those which are generating the most interest.  And if you’re struggling more on one than another, maybe now is the time to look into how you can improve your reach there.  It may be that one social network requires a different type of engagement and content.

5.  Don’t forget your website

Your website should still be the focus of your digital marketing strategy,  Take some time to make sure it’s up to date, check your analytics, update your CMS and take stock.  Stale content will result in stale SEO results so don’t let your site stagnate.

6.  Get on with it!

The most important lesson of all for this new term is to just get on with it!  Taking stock, assessing weaknesses, and formulating a strategy are all well and good but you have to make sure you stick to it!
If you’re having trouble with any of the above, feel free to get in touch and we will be able to assess your digital branding, help formulate a digital strategy and if you would like we could be your digital marketing team, taking the responsibility out of your hands.  Whatever level of support you are interested, we can help.

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