Game Over for Gameover Zeus?

It’s been impossible to miss on the news recently.  The whole world has been under threat from a super-virus that was going to fraudulently transfer billions of dollars from personal accounts, and businesses.  Gameover Zeus and Cyrptolocker attacks have been working in tandem and early in June warning were put out for users to defend themselves against these alleged super-viruses before they hit again.
Gameover Zeus is a botnet which is usually spread via an innocent or official looking document link or email attachment which silently monitors data and intercepts communications with online banking sites in order to steal your personal login and password details.  If you do not enter these websites filled with crucial personal information then the Cryptolocker ransomware aspect then kicks in.  Cryptolocker encrypts the files on your computer in order to exhort a heavy ransom from you in order to regain control of  your machine.  Stories online are circulating that these cyber-criminals are demanding one Bitcoin for the release of your devices (this is around equal to £300).
A large scale attack seemed to have been warded off at the beginning of the month but we were only granted a  two week window in which to properly protect our devices.  This time is now up, however it may not be too late for you to combat and protect yourselves from these cyber-criminals.
We advise all users to:
1.  Get Protected
We think everyone online should have security software on their machines.  Make sure you do, and also make sure you have fully updated your protection.  As this kind of cyber crime increases it becomes ever-more important  to have security software which scans links and attachments before they are opened.
2. Update System 
Operating systems often have flaws and vulnerabilities which are taken advantage of by malware.  These vulnerabilities mean that operating systems regulalry release updates to their systems.  In order to provide the best service they can by fixing their weak spots.  You should make sure you are using the latest operating system to give your device the best possible chance of avoiding infection.
3.  Back It Up

 All users are recommended to regularly back up their devices and this advice does not change in these circumstance.  By regularly backing up files it means your sensitive or personal files are safe should the worst happen.

 4. Do the Two Step

Two Step authorisation when it comes to online banking is recommended because it adds another layer of security for malicious threats to get through.  Many online banking apps already require this level of authorization, so speak to your bank to discuss your online banking security options.

5. Be Vigilant

Monitor your bank and card statements carefully. Small amounts maybe be siphoned off so be sure to be exacting.

This is what we at Web Adept recommend individuals to do to help battle the current online threat.  No body may be exempt from becoming a victim to this type of cyber attack but by following these simple five points you can protect yourself as best you can.

Banks more clearly protect consumers than small businesses against this kind of scam.  Small Business owners may find themselves particularly at risk so monitor the situation carefully and speak to us if you are interested in additional security solutions to help you protect you, your employees and  your business.  For more information contact us here.

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