Focus Micro Systems – An in-depth case study

We recently completed the redesign of property management software company, Focus Microsystems. As we move forward to market the site, we’ve taken some time to reflect on the process and highlight the key achievements of that phase of the project.

We’d been working with Focus indirectly for some time, as we were involved in adding their specialist property management software to an estate agent’s website that we were creating. Following the integration of their software onto that website, we worked closely with Focus providing website support on that site.
The informal partnership led to discussions around the Focus website, and having got to know their business, we were delighted to be commissioned by them to create the new vision for their website. As with all website design projects, we needed to get to the heart of what the site needed to offer. Working closely with Focus, we established that the new website needed to showcase the specialist software products Focus have developed, and the benefits the products bring to property agency administration, to be user friendly for professionals visiting the site, and, of course, to be search-engine friendly.
The new platform combines everything we set out to achieve, and as the developers, we’re delighted with the results. The modern design perfectly complements Focus as it moves forward and  the website will be a positive sales tool, with its eye catching ‘calls to action’, and easy access to information. Offering customer login for support and software updates, along with remote access login is a fantastic feature for Focus as it means their busy customer base can keep in touch wherever they are. The ‘live chat’ function supports this too: opening up communication channels, be they telephone or messaging services, is crucial to a customer focussed business. A website that enables this and facilitates interaction can work harder for you.
We’re very proud of the website we’ve created for Focus. It harnesses the functionality the business needed from its website in a slick, modern platform that both informs, and encourages dialogue with customers and potential customers. Of course, it’s not just about whether we’re pleased with the results – we’ve had some fantastic feedback from Focus and traffic is increasing to the site already, so the time we took to get the details right has paid off. Why not have a look at the website – and if you like what you see, and think we could help your business revamp their website, why not get in touch?

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