Facebook – Why your company Needs to be on it

At length we have talked about the importance of social media marketing in making your business the best it can be.
However, some people have still put off signing up to the social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  Have a look at this Guardian article and see just how much influence Facebook has over internet users today.  With 1.23 billion active users world-wide and 24 million Britons logging onto Facebook everyday the social revolution is no longer something businesses can simply opt out of.

Facebook Set Up
Facebook is a free service and is easy to set up.  You can merely create a business account, add a profile picture and a bit of information about yourself and away you go.  That is literally all you need to start up your Facebook profile.
From your profile you will be able to contact customer, monitor other businesses, advertise on newsfeeds, and set up competitions.  The point of the social network is to socialise.  Creating a Facebook account allows you to contact and be contacted.  Potential customers may be able to find you, and you may be able to find them.
Creating a Facebook page is a great first stepping stone into the world of social media.  Web Adept offer a range of packages to help you along the road to social media management.  We understand that you’re busy running your business.  We can set up your social media accounts, so from that point on you merely have to take off where we left it.  We also offer social media training where you’ll pick up lots of time saving tips and show you how to get the most  you can from your social network platforms.  We can even manage all your social media, freeing you up to run your business whilst we post on your behalf and build up an online community for you.
Social media has never been easier than now.
If you think that accessing the world of social media might be something you’re interested in, or if you need a little bit more convincing, don’t hesitate to contact us or go straight ahead and call us on 01437 720 033
By Angus Findlay

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