Emoji Targeting – The next marketing gold rush for businesses?

Businesses and advertisers can now target users based on the emoji they have used on Twitter. That’s right, Twitter is now giving brands the ability to build there advertising campaigns targeted by emoji.
Introduced to celebrate World Emoji Day (yes that is a real day and it’s on July 17th), this new function will allow a burger brand to target someone who has tweeted the burger emoji or a pizza brand to target someone who has tweeted a pizza emoji.
Set of Emoji Icons - Emoji Tageting - The Digital Formula
It doesn’t have to be just food related either – users can be targeted based on there mood or mindset – unlocking new and unique opportunities for marketers.
Emojis have become so popular that over 110 billion have been tweeted since 2014.
But what next? Could branded emoji be the next marketing gold rush?
More and more brands are making there own emoticons. IKEA, Coca-Cola and Comedy Central to name just a few. But there’s a difference between emojis and emoticons. The emoji keyboard we see today on many smartphones is comprised of various emojis approved by the Unicode Consortium.
For brands looking to create their own emoticons it means they need to either create their own apps or partner up with messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, Whats App and Kik to get their branded emoticons available for public use.
Effective advertising practices that get great results include putting the benefit of your product or brand in the headline, having a strong call to action and then making your visual work together with your words. Emojis have the power to do all of these things once.
With over 2 billion smartphone users currently worldwide, it makes sense that brands would explore these opportunities.
What emoji makes you think about your web developer? if it isn’t a big smiley face, you better give us a shout.

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