Five forgotten benefits of Email Marketing

The use of digital marketing for business has gone through dramatic changes over the last few years and many people have found it difficult to keep abreast. With the proliferation of social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, and Apps such as TikTok, the more long standing digital marketing tools such as Email Marketing can get overlooked. Email marketing can still have a fantastic impact on your business – and if you need convincing, here are five forgotten benefits of including email marketing in your digital marketing strategy.

Cost Effective

Why is email marketing so cost effective? Many marketers know that email marketing is one of the most effective channels to drive Return on Investment. It outperforms other channels because used wisely, it can deliver highly personalised and relevant messages. Essentially, email marketing enables businesses to be very targeted with their communications.
Email marketing is very successful at gaining excellent click through rates. The average click-through rate of an email campaign is up to 10% of total recipients, compared with 1.64% from a tweet. It’s also important to remember that your emails are going to subscribers who have told you they want to hear from you and have signed up to be on your list. Compare this to social media, where viewers might see your posts or ads, but may not be as interested in your products or services and scroll on by, rather than people who have actively subscribed to your receive your emails.

Greater Reach

With Facebook announcing more than 2.94 billion monthly active users and Instagram having reached 2.35 billion active users, you may be under the impression that nothing could be greater. These figures are massive, yet the total number of worldwide email accounts in 2019, was estimated at 3.8 billion, However, now as of 2023, that number has grown up to 4.2 billion. Over half of the global population uses email.
Many websites now encourage email sign up, for example, Netflix, the online entertainment store. Netflix encourages email sign up with a “Join Free For a Month” offer, actively encouraging sign up. With an email sign up, the company can then send targeted offers, and newsletters direct to their inbox.
netflix is an example of a business that succesfully leverage email marketing within its digital strategy

Easy to Share

If your targeted email is spot on and hits the mark with potential customers or existing customers – perhaps for special offers or advertising a big event, then it’s easy for them to share it by forwarding it to their friends, family and email contacts at the click of a button. This is a great word of mouth promotion for businesses and an extra bonus as emails can reach larger audiences than intended.

Increase Brand Awareness

With regular emails remind consumers about your business and your brand. Over time, this builds value for your brand with your audience and it helps your brand to remain at the forefront of their mind. Then, when they require your particular products or services, you have more chance of being picked ahead of your competitors.

Targeted Campaigns

One of the key benefits of an email marketing campaign is that you have the ability to control exactly who sees the email by segmenting your database by a variety of factors. You could send specifically to potential customers who’ve requested to be on your email list, but who haven’t yet purchased from you. Or existing customers who purchased a specific product who may be interested in an upgrade. Perhaps you want to target those from a particular location or demographic. Using your sign up forms intelligently means you can gather this kind of information on sign up and then be as specific as that data allows you to be. This channel also means your audience can receive content specifically for their own needs.
Email marketing also allows these messages to be customized for each customer, making it even more personal and more likely to lead to higher conversion rates and improved engagement rates too.
With many channels now available to reach your audience, but perhaps with limited time
and resources, it’s important to prioritise where you put your efforts. With the five reasons mentioned above and more, email marketing is a very effective channel to attract, engage and connect with your customers, to encourage sales and build revenue for your business. Contact Web Adept UK today to discuss how we can assist you with your email marketing campaigns.

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