Does Your Business Website Need A Fresh Look?

Need a fresh look for your business website?
Imagine you were walking down a busy high street looking for a shop selling formal menswear. Eventually you find two shops both selling what you need right next to each other. You look through the window of each shop.
The first window display is well designed, clean and colourful. The clothes are all current, fashionable and fresh. The second window display looks tired; the clothes are out of date and sun bleached. You also notice a thick layer of dust on the floor.
Which shop would you go into?

You might argue that the chance of finding two shops selling exactly the same thing right next to each other is slim. Well, on the high street you’d be right. On the internet however, this is a very common reality.
When consumers shop for a product or service online they rarely buy from the first website they come across. They will usually view at least three sites before they make their final decision. The question you need to ask yourself is: does my website resemble the first shop or the second?
Is your website current, clean and colourful, or does it look tired?

When Did You Last Update Your Website?

So many businesses create a website and then simply ignore it. Some business websites remain unchanged for years on end. By neglecting your business website you not only deny your business the traffic, leads and sales that fresh content can bring, you also run the risk of harming the reputation of your business.
Like the tired looking menswear store window in the opening example, a neglected website gives the impression that you don’t care about your business. It puts people off.

How to Freshen Up Your Website

There are many ways that you can keep your website fresh without having a full redesign twice a year. Initially, you should focus your attention on your homepage. This will often be the first page that people see. It’s your main shop window! You can keep your homepage fresh by regularly changing the images, updating the text and drawing attention to your latest offers. Another great way to keep a page fresh and interesting, and make sure the search engines are regularly re-indexing your website, is to incorporate elements of dynamic content into your homepage design. Dynamic content is any content which can be easily changed and updated. This includes blog posts, Tweets and Facebook updates. Why not add a live stream of all your Twitter posts or your most popular blog articles on your homepage?
There are many easy and effective ways to keep your website looking fresh and current. If you’d like some advice on how to breathe some new life into your business website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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