Does Your Business Need a Digital Diet?

Does your business need to consider a ‘digital diet’ to make your online marketing strategy leaner and more sustainable in the long term?
Just as surely as the Easter Bank Holiday is followed by a rash of complaints about how much chocolate we ate, and discussion of the inevitable post-Easter diet, there can come times in our online lives when we need to step back, reassess our behaviour and make some positive changes. Here are five unhealthy online habits that might make you look again at how you manage your business social media:

  1. You don’t understand what your aims and objectives are

Excuse me, but why exactly are you embarking on this diet? If you don’t know what you want to achieve, you are less likely to succeed. You will have nothing to measure your efforts against, and no way of knowing if what you are doing is working. Take some time to assess your priorities and what your digital marketing strategy needs to achieve before moving on to take action.

  1. Your digital marketing strategy is based on whatever you feel like doing that day

No diet succeeded through will power alone. Going with the flow can only lead back to bad habits. Planning is critical to success: whether you want to eat healthily and keep your hands out of the cookie jar, or to cut through the online noise and execute a killer digital marketing strategy. Working from the aims and objectives you have established, you should be able to plan a strategy for digital success.

  1. You haven’t got the right tools to get where you want to be

No one ever ran a marathon in stilettos (well, they might have done, but it won’t have done them any good!). To succeed in your digital diet, you need to make sure you have the right tools and knowledge to get your business to meet its online goals. Just as you might get a doctor to check you over before embarking on a fitness programme, you should check that your existing online tools are up to the job before embarking on a leaner more honed digital marketing strategy. Is your website ready to receive increased traffic? Are you using the right social media platforms? How is your content looking? Giving all of this a once over before you start will pay dividends and prevent an online meltdown which brings your plans to a grinding halt…

  1. You don’t stick to the plan

How many times have you put off going for the run you’d scheduled because it was a bit cold? Or decided not to go to the gym because there was something good on TV? And once you’ve ducked out once, how much easier was it to duck out again and again, until you’re back where you started. It may be tempting to get distracted away from your killer digital marketing strategy – new platforms, new theories, lots of videos of cute kittens to watch on Facebook… but be determined and stick to your strategy. Yes, there is always scope for tweaking, but schedule this into your strategy rather than jumping on to a bandwagon.

  1. You don’t measure your achievements sensibly

No one gets an accurate idea of their weightloss by weighing themselves 3 times a day, so fix a point – once a day, once a week or once a month (you’ll have decided this as part of your strategy) to measure and assess your achievements against the aims and objectives you set yourself. Think of it like a digital weigh in, and once you’ve got the results, and can see what’s working and what’s not, you can make adjustments to keep your digital marketing strategy on track.
digital diet
If you’ve read this post and think your business probably needs a digital bootcamp to get back in shape online why not get in touch? We can assess the tools you’re already using, give your website a health check and analyse your search engine optimisation and the impact your social media activity and any paid online advertising is currently having. We can then work with you to plan out your digital aims and objectives and put a strategy in place to reach them.

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