DNS Propagation

My website isn’t working when I try and view it.  Is there a problem?

DNS Propagation

Basically, no.  So Don’t Panic!

What’s Causing the Delay?

So you’ve got your shiny new website from us have you? But its not showing up yet?  Well, when websites are launched it can take up to 72 hours for your page to be live.  The reason for this delay is due to something called DNS propagation.  This propagation takes place within your internet service providers, and once your site gets launched this process is out of our hands.
DNS means ‘Domain Name Server’ – once a domain is purchased a master DNS is created.  When an outside computer searches for your website the search will take them to the domain registration database where the search will look for your master DNS and then follow your IP address to your website.


However, Internet service providers cache all of their past DNS records to make web viewing faster.  When your ISP caches these records it means that they display websites from their local files instead of re-looking them up each time a customer wants to view a site.  It works in a similar way to your browser’s cache on your own computer.  Only much, much bigger.
Usually this propagation is good because it speeds up the return time when you search a browser and it reduces the traffic on the internet allowing it to work faster.  But right now you just want your new site up right?

Why the Wait?

Well, it is out of Web Adept’s and your hands.  The propagation process takes up to 72 hours because each Internet Service Provider has an automatic process that updates the records every few days.  If you’re waiting for your site it simply means that they have not yet reset their cache.  There is nothing we can do – it is just a case of waiting for an automated process to complete.
If you’re still worried about it, give us a ring or contact us.

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