Your Digital Digest for September: 10 actions to take back control of your digital marketing

You can’t run, you can’t hide. September is most definitely here, the end of the holiday season, time to get down to work, and only 3 months till Christmas is upon us. If you feel like your eye has slipped off the digital marketing ball over the summer months, now is the time to take back control and refocus your online efforts – and we’ve broken it all down into 10 easy actions that will put you back in the game.
Review recent activity
Check what’s been happening on your social media accounts, acknowledging new followers and engagements or interactions that have taken place if you haven’t already done so. If you automated posts to cover periods of absence, make sure there’s nothing that needs following up from that.
Check your web analytics
How has your website performed over the summer months? Identify content that has performed well over the holiday period – make a note of what you can replicate – and what worked less well. Have a look at your traffic and check for any changes or anomalies that need attention.
Check for any anomalies in your web traffic over the summer break
Review your overall business objectives
Are these still current? What are you looking to achieve over the next weeks and months. Do you have any specific targets or deadlines that your digital marketing will support? Even if nothing has changed, it’s good to remind yourself of what you are seeking to achieve.
“Your overall business objectives will determine your digital marketing strategy – make sure they are up to date
Look at your ‘customer profile’
Who are you target customers? What problems do you solve for them? Where do they hang out online? Is this still the same as it was the last time you looked or have things moved on?
Review your ‘target customer’ profile (or profiles) before updating your digital marketing strategy
Re-assess your digital messages (or create new ones)
With your business objectives fresh in your mind, and your target customers profiled, you should be in a great position to redefine your high level digital marketing messages so that they underpin your company’s goals and are focussed on your target audience. Concentrate on the unique selling points (USP) of your product or service – how will you improve and enrich your customers’ lives?
Where are you sharing?
social media icons tree

Are your target customers still using the same platforms? Even a slight change of emphasis – from Facebook to LinkedIn perhaps, from Twitter to Instagram (or vice versa) can have an impact. And if you’re not where your target customers are, it’s the digital equivalent of putting up a poster for hairdressing supplies outside an agricultural college (although that’s not to say farmers aren’t concerned about haircare…). Digital marketing is an investment – and you need to make sure that investment works hard for your business, so it makes sense to check that you are delivering the right messages on the right platforms
Don’t forget your website
There’s a tendency to focus on social media when talking about digital marketing, but your website is the foundation of your digital presence, and needs to be nurtured. Checking your analytics (see above) will highlight any obvious problems, but check whether your content management system needs updating, and take stock of whether the content is fresh and current. Remember that stale content will have an impact on your search engine rankings so consider rewriting and updating some of the content, adding some new blogs, or tweaking the pages to give Google something new to look at.
Make sure your content management system is up to date, and add fresh content to your website
Create a new plan
Break down the actions you need to take over the forthcoming months to make sure your messages are delivered on the right platforms at the right times. Check tie ins with any important dates – either for your industry or generally – and create a calendar of content to take you through to Christmas.
Make it measurable
Establish how you will know whether your digital marketing has contributed to your success in achieving your business objectives. Work out the metrics you will use and over what timeframe. As with any marketing, it can sometimes be difficult to establish exactly how effective one campaign or activity has been over another, but putting some measurements in place will allow you to assess the impact of your different digital marketing activities.
Establish the metrics you will use to establish whether your digital marketing strategy has been successful
Get on with it!
It’s all very well, reviewing and assessing where you are and creating a killer plan, but now you need to execute it. Stick to your plan (although don’t be afraid to tweak if it becomes necessary), and see it through.
The digital space is incredibly dynamic, changing all the time. Although September is an ideal time to review your online activities and set a new set of objectives for the run up to Christmas, regular assessments will help you keep your digital marketing focussed and relevant. And if you’re finding it all a bit overwhelming, do get in touch!

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