Coding for Kids – We announce the launch of WA Educate

Web Adept Launch Coding Workshops and Programmes for Pembrokeshire and West Wales Area

Learning to code is not only fun, challenging and mind expanding for kids, it’s equipping our next generation with one of the most important tools of the 21st century.”

Michael Smith. Founder of Moshi Monsters

In our techno-centric world Coding is opening more and more doors into the future.  Our national curriculum is finally morphing and adapting to the notion that coding is a crucial skill for young people to learn and enjoy.
At a basic level coding helps aid the learning of other subjects.  It perfectly slots into Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology.  Whilst also teaching and motivating students to use their theoretical knowledge of subjects to create and further their own ideas.
On top of the help it gives to other subjects learning coding is also becoming a crucial skill when it comes to pupils future employment. In the UK the technology is sector is one of fastest expanding and the need to understand basic coding language, and possess basic coding skills is becoming more and more crucial. With the Welsh government falling slightly behind the English programme we have worked on providing great and dynamic coding lessons and workshops to young people in Pembrokeshire and the whole West Wales area.
Here at Web Adept we are delighted to have launched a Student’s Coding programme, WA Educate,  which will start pupils off on their own coding adventure.  Our coding teaching workshops are designed for children ages 10-16.  We teach in 5 of the most popular creation programmes: Lego Mindstorm, Game Salad, Scratch, Kodu and App Inventor.  Each set of workshops teaches students a different set of skills, and each programme has slightly different functions, providing an individual experience.
Our Coding workshops provide students with the elementary skills to create their own games, apps, and programmes.  We are committed to making our students tech-literate and to providing  them with a creative outlet in which they can create and launch their own individual project.
WA Educate are teaching students across Pembrokeshire and the whole of West Wales how to speak the most influential, useful, and versatile language of them all.  Coding.
If you’d like some more information on Web Adept’s Coding and Programming workshops for students you can visit the WA Educate site here.  Or call us for more information. If you’re  a teacher, governor, headmaster or parent who wants to get your students or children on the right path to the future of technology though learning coding and programming then please call us on 01437 720 033, or contact us on the WA Educate website, or via our own contact form here.

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