Classic web sale mistakes

Just read a great article about ecommerce and ‘selling’ web sites which listed a few of the classic mistakes made by these web sites:  You need to make sure that our company isn’t falling into these classic web sales mistakes!

1. Treating your web site as a one off project. So many businesses will tick the box for done when their web site is launched. Far from it as it’s only just begun! A web site is an organic creature that needs to flow trends, be proactive to clients needs, grow with the business and most of all be monitored/teeked so to stay fresh. An annual budget realist budget should be set for your web site tyo get the best results.
2. Hiring the wrong supplier! Your developer needs to not only offer design skills but also marketing such as SEO and link building, SEO copywritting and business advise of where to go next with the site. Lets also not forget social media skills with all the major platforms. Make sure all these areas are covered before hiring.
3. Ignoring the customer: you’ll need automated customer service, interactive store locators, products news so much much more than just an order system.
These are some of the basics and there are many more that need to be considered. Please call us to discuss on 0143 720033.
By Angus Findlay

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