Beat the Algorithm – How to improve your Facebook's Organic Reach

Why are my Facebook posts loosing reach?

If you actively use Facebook for your business you will have noticed that the posts which used to get 100’s of views are now losing momentum and reach rapidly.
You’ve not changed the quality or quantity of your Facebook pages – but it’s harder to get anyone to see them? Well, the change isn’t down to you but the new ways which Facebook is arranging and displaying content.
Unsurprisingly this decline in your posts natural reach has coincided with the launch and spread of Facebook’s paid ‘boost’ option. However, there are still ways you can combat this in order to boost your profile’s natural, organic reach.

Take a look at this really helpful infographic from to find out how to improve your Facebook’s organic reach.
It’ll help you find out who’s looking at your Facebook, what time your Facebook page is at it’s most popular with tips on how to utilize that information in order to translate your posts into clicks and sales.

Top Tips on Sharing Boostable Facebook Posts

1. Post at Off Peak times, in order for your posts to have a better chance of being picked up and seen.
2. Don’t bombard your followers with sales talk. Post engaging questions, your goal should be to listen and interact with your audience. The more interactive your profile the more people will see your post.
3. Share visual posts. For example video, pictographics and infographics. People like to see information in an easily digestible format and these also get shared a lot more than plain ol’ status’.
4. Share human pictures.  People love to see pictures of the way your team or office work behind the scenes.  It gives your company a more human face rather than a faceless organisation.

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