Are you ready to be hacked? – Impossible to avoid so how do you manage it?

Are you ready to be hacked? – Impossible to avoid so how do you manage it?

Have you read this article: ?

“Soca website attack: Norway arrests two youths

Two teenagers in Norway have been arrested in connection with a series of computer attacks.

Britain’s Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) is believed to have been among their suspected targets”
Lets be realistic about web site security. Totally realistic now…..
If teenagers can hack celebrities and Gov Organisations web sites that spend £1000’s on creation and probably even more on their security what hope have we, the normal people, got on securing our web presence? For the hackers that can’t break high profile sites they will then ‘practice’ on smaller sites ‘just for fun’. Isn’t that obvious? We’re all going to experience our site hacked at some point so it’s a case of when. With this in mind you need to ask your selves some questions:
1. Do you have a back up solution to help manage the situation as we can’t control it?
2. Are you working with a web site company that will support you if your site is hacked?
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By Angus Findlay

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