9 Social Media Marketing Tips for Newbies

Social Media Marketing is using the best suited social media platforms out there to build awareness about you, your brand, your company, your product and your service.
The ultimate objective is that social media marketing campaigns will drive traffic to a main marketing hub (i.e. your website or landing / offer pages) and ultimately increase the visibility of a product or service to get more customers, increase sales and build profit.
By engaging social media users into your business, they will then in turn become your social media followers and will give you the ability to market out to this audience with what you have to offer.
The most popular social media networks today are: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr and Linkedin.
Why is Social Media Marketing so Important?
Social Media marketing is massively important because:

Its been reported that people look at their phones over 1,500 times week. They spend on average 40 minutes per day using their phones for checking their Facebook (and other social apps) , surfing the net, looking at emails, and using as its main purpose being a phone. Oh, I didn’t mention games and in particular ‘Pokémon Go’ which is the latest craze for kids and adults alike that has taken over the world!
There are over 1.71 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone which makes it have the highest population in the world! Twitter has 313 million monthly active users and LinkedIn has 450 million active account (Source: Statista 2016).
Look at the growth on this graph from Statista for Facebook growth. There’s no slow down!
 Facebook Growth Figures -

Why wouldn’t you want your business to be in front of these numbers.
How can beginners and new businesses build a great social media presence and build it quickly?
Web Adept help businesses get their fast by developing skills in this marketing area by training and developing businesses on getting it right. Alternatively we can do everything for you by asking us to manage the whole lot for you … find out more by contacting us on 01437 720033 to go through some options and ideas or contact us via our contact us page.
Alternatively you may want to take a look yourself and if that’s the case then we hope that our 9 Social Media Marketing Tips for Newbies below will help you get on your way to Social Media Success.

Our 9 Social Media Marketing Tips for Newbies

1. Decide what social media platforms is best for your business

If you are a beginner we would advise you picking one or two social media platforms to use and focus on these first and get it right. When you then get competent and consistent using these then maybe move onto some others.
If you get too excited and end up with 5 starting off then it can become overwhelming and an information overload. It may take too much of your time which could make you quit too early and get despondent without getting any benefit from social media marketing.
Try to choose platforms that are best suited to your business, industry and sector. Do some research with what your industry favours and what your potential customers are using.
As quick guide for you to follow would be :
Facebook & Twitter – These are general social media sites and can be regarded as corner stones and used by the majority of businesses due to them being a generic social media platform Twitter and Facebook.
Image-based networks: If you’re a florist, artist or have something visual to show off then these three social media sites are perfect : Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr.
Video networks: YouTube, Vimeo, Vine … perfect for those that want to create short videos to showcase their products and services. YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine out there so use it to your advantage.
Business-focused networks: LinkedIn can be used for corporate and business marketing. A great way to rub shoulders with like-minded business folk. Receive and share some great ideas and networking opportunities.
SEO and authorship networks: Google+ is a must … this will help and support your web ratings and help your business to be found on Google.
Location-based networks: Foursquare, Yelp
Niche networks: Reddit

2. Optimise your social media pages & profiles

Once you decide on what is the best social media platform and social media tools to use, the next step is to optimise your profiles on those sites.
By optimising your profiles on each portal you will increase your chances of getting more followers. It’s also a very good way to boost your SEO efforts increasing your chances of getting noticed.
Here are some generic suggestions that apply to all of the social media portals for you …

3. Connect your website or blog with your social media pages

After you have your social media profiles set up and ready to go your next step is to connect your website up with your new with your social media pages.
Getting your website connected to the social media sites means that search engines and social media websites know which website corresponds to which social media page.
Make sure though that you are connecting a great web site to a great social media page … If you would like a FREE Website review on how your page is set up, how its found and how its scored then contact us here … It’s FREE and we will get this done in 48 hours for you.

4. Add social media buttons on your website

We will check this if you ask us for a free web site review however its simple to make sure that you understand that this needs to be done.
Its important to connect your website to your social media pages (you can also add these to your email signatures too).
When you add the icons to the website make sure that the icons can be easily seen and not hidden within the pages of your site or stuck in the corner. Larger buttons get more clicks than smaller buttons too!

5. Find and follow the influencers in your niche

So lets just check that we have it all sorted so far …
1. You have selected the most appropriate social media platforms for your business, sector and industry (its where your potential customers are at)
2. Optimised your social media profiles
3. Connected our website with the social media pages
4. Added the big social media buttons on your home page so that people can easily interact with your website.
Now we need to find people to follow you and be influenced by your brand, story, product and service.
Please note that this cannot be done quickly and takes time to build and nurture (think of growing a plant … it starts off as a seed, grows however needs to be constantly cared for and fed and watered to grow).
The next part of this blog concentrates on how to get followers however make sure you follow your influencers and the main people that dominate your sector. You need to feed off these people and see what they are up to and how they do it. This will inspire you for ideas and movement within your industry so you can get live, relevant and interesting information on tap.

6. Keep a balance between following and followers

Once you start getting used to your new social sites you will hunt about and also find people to follow (as well as them following you).
However remember to keep a balance between the number of people you follow and the number of people who follow you back.
This in the main will only apply to Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest
3 reasons for this is:
1. Software applications are using this ratio (followers/following) to make suggestions on ‘who to follow’ so if you have a very high ratio you minimise your chances of getting new quality followers.
2. It is a matter of trust – Who do you think has a trusted profile: someone with 1000 followers but following 2500 or someone with 550 followers that follows 510?
3. A balanced profile is better for SEO – SEO’s have been talking the last couple of months about the importance of social media for SEO and how things are changing and although it is not yet confirmed, it is more likely that people with strong social media profiles are in better position that those with weak profiles.
By the way, it always looks great when you have more followers that people following you but don’t be a diva … interact and follow back!

7. Share interesting, engaging and meaningful content (text, images, videos)

This is what it’s all about, creating a successful social media marketing campaign.
Content Is King and you need to make sure that your content is meaningful, appropriate, engaging, interesting and relevant.
If you share interesting and useful content you can get more re-shares, more likes, more comments and more visitors to your website.
So what content can you put out there?

As you can see most of the above is ‘information’ … its easy to try and sell on Facebook but followers will get fed up of being bombarded by sales posts.
Our tip is: ‘Try not to sell directly on social media however influence people to buy’

8. Post many times per day but don’t overdo it

“How many times should I post per day?” Good Question!
There are many studies and opinions with regards to how often you should post. Here are some best practices:

9. Follow the rules and be patient

Social media networks have rules to keep spammers at bay.
As an example there is a limit on twitter on the number of people you can follow per day. There is also a limit on Google+ on the number of people you can add/delete from your circles, Facebook too has its own rules etc.
This means that it may take some time to build thousands of followers so you need to be patient and not try to rush being the biggest and best at social media overnight (remember the plant analogy earlier on).
Don’t break rules and don’t buy any followers either. These are constantly for sale on the web but they have no purpose and no benefit at all in our opinion. Grow your audience organically and quality is better than quantity.
Now it’s your turn …
We hope that this information has been useful and gives you a great foundation to get going with social media.
It is so important for any business to be exposed on this massive platform.
If we can be of more help or need further or more advanced advise then please call us on 01437 720033 or use the contact page get in touch.

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