7 Reasons to Revamp Your Website

Happy New Year! We hope you’re back feeling refreshed and ready for action, because we’re ready to start! What do you mean, you don’t know what we’re talking about? You know – that list of digital marketing actions you got ready before Christmas. The things you meant to do last year but never got round to. Yes, we’re good like that – we remembered for you! Top of the list was revamping your website. It was a great idea then and it’s an even better idea now that we’re in the New Year. Here are 7 reasons why you might need to revamp your website in 2016:
Your website isn’t mobile responsive
We’ve blogged before about the importance of having a mobile responsive website, and it remains a key priority for 2016. Just think of all those iPhone 6s that were given as Christmas gifts… The fact is that an ever increasing number of your clients and potential customers are accessing the internet using a mobile device. If your website isn’t up to the job, you will lose their custom – it’s as simple as that.
Your website just isn’t working (#1)
Not ‘working’ in the ‘functioning’ sense (we’ll come to that) – but working in the sense of delivering what you want in terms of Return on Investment. Whether you have the smartest website possible, it really doesn’t matter if it isn’t doing the job you want it to do. Do you have clear ‘calls to action’? Is your website easy to navigate? What do your customers want to know? Does your website answer the questions your customers might have, in clear, jargon-free text? A quick review against your digital marketing goals will be a good place to start, alongside an analysis of the latest analytics. From there, you can start to identify where your website might be letting you down.
Your website just isn’t working (#2)
More fundamental than #1, here, we’re talking functionality, simple. Buttons that are broken, links that don’t work, content that’s difficult to find, tricky navigation. This won’t simply lose you a sale – it’s likely to put off a customer or potential customer from returning to your website. In this world of social media, you may also find your website’s lack of functionality broadcast to the world pretty quickly, putting off others. It’s not a good scenario, yet you may find that it’s not as difficult (or as expensive) as you thought to fix. A frank appraisal by a digital marketing expert will reap rewards in the longer term, and allow you to take the necessary steps to revamp your website for future business.
Need Updating Website
Your widgets aren’t working
You may already have guessed, but the 21st century online customer is a fickle beast with a fairly short attention span. Even if your website is working well, you may lose out because third party tools aren’t working properly. ‘Shopping carts’, custom forms, social media buttons. The online consumer is so used to having everything happen magically at a click that if things go wrong, they are unlikely to persist – even if the error is down to a third party tool. By keeping the third party tools on your website updated, you will ensure your website remains functional and user friendly for the year to come.
Your marketing strategy is changing
Your website is part of your online marketing strategy, which fits in to your overall marketing strategy (right? We hope so). If your marketing strategy is changing in 2016, you need to make sure your website is revamped to align with the new strategy. This may not require anything fundamental. Tweaks here and there may be enough to ensure your website stays on track with your overall marketing objectives – but those tweaks can mean the difference between succeeding or not.
You’re incorporating more content
Content marketing isn’t going away, and for many reasons, it pays to invest in great content. It can support your efforts across the spectrum from Search Engine Optimisation of your website to boosting customer loyalty and retention. Your new content will be hosted on your website, so you need to make sure your website is designed in such a way that your investment in content reaps rewards.
Check out the competition
One of the great things about the digital age is that it’s much easier to see what the competition is up to. We’re not suggesting that you should revamp your website just because your competitor has done so, but consider this: If your competitor has updated his website, it may well become more search engine friendly and push up the ranks ahead of your website. Analysing what your competitor is doing may also give you insights into where your website might be failing, and help you re-align your own marketing goals.
Well Updated Website
When we say ‘revamp’ we don’t necessarily mean a complete overhaul; nor do we mean a brand new website, although there are occasions where we’re faced with something that’s so outdated that starting again really is the best option. In many cases, small tweaks can do the job that’s needed. From updating the back end of your website, to giving it a smart new look and fresh content, we here at WebAdeptUK can get your website fit for 2016 and beyond. Give us a call and we’ll get started!


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