6 Top Web Adept Tips To Make Sure Your Emails Stand Out

With an average of just over 160 emails landing in your prospect’s inbox each and everyday, your message needs to stand out from the crowd to get noticed.
As part of Web Adept’s services, we have put together 6 Top Tips to help make your email marketing campaigns be seen, heard and for your brand to get noticed.

1. The Subject Line

The subject line is one of the most important parts of your emails. If it doesn’t grab their attention and get them to take notice, chances are they won’t both opening it.
Subject lines that are short, sharp and directly to the point tend to have good open rates. Align your subject with the content of the email and focus on the benefit of what you have to say.
Offer them something good. If people know what they’ll learn or how you’ll make them better informed, better at business or happier, they’ll be itching to read more.
Get creative and experiment. Try using attention grabbing words and phrases. You’ll be surprised by what works and what doesn’t.
Don’t use all CAPTIALS as this is a great way to trigger spam filters. It’s also not good netiquette and looks as if you are shouting at your audience. Some people get quite offended by this.
Some things to consider are:
1. People like numerals: ‘5 Top Tips’ or ‘8 Great ways to …’
2. It takes a lot less time to read “427″ than “four-hundred and twenty-seven.”

2. Personalisation

In today’s ever growing digital world, getting personal with your prospective customers is important to achieving a successful email campaign.
It’s always good to take the friendly, informal approach and not too rigid with your content. People like to do business with people so make sure you’re not too robotic or commercial in your approach
Remember that personalisation should make your recipient feel like your business cares about them, but you don’t want to overstep this by trying to imply more than that.
According to a report by Experian in Early 2016, personalised emails deliver 6 x higher transaction rates.

3. Omni-channel (PC & Mobile Optimised)

Most email marketing software is built to include the functionality to send emails to multiple devices.
Marketers are unaware of which device (mobile or desktop) their audience will be opening their email on. It’s important that the message is read seamlessly so that customers can receive the email and its content in the best way possible for whatever device they receive it on.
Stats dictate that over 60% of total email opens occurred on a mobile device (phone or tablet). What’s really interesting is that people are far more likely to open an email more than once on a mobile device too.
TechCrunch reported in early January that 75% of Gmail’s 900M users access their accounts via mobile devices.
Looking at these stats, to get the highest amount of conversions as possible, mobile has to be a prime focus of your campaign.
Millennials are using mobile more than any other medium. Therefore, when you send your email out, it has to read perfectly across every device.
Don’t forget … this demographic will soon be your future customer so keep them happy.

4. Email Segmentation

What does this mean I hear you ask?
Email segmentation is the practice of splitting your list into different groups. These groups (or sometimes known as segments) consist of people with similar characteristics and interests. Segmented emails can then be sent out reflecting the content and timing appropriate to them.
Simply put ‘emailing out to certain / specific groups’.
Segmentation is the key to increasing email marketing metrics and conversion rates for marketing campaigns as it is more specific and targeted.
Email marketing is becoming increasingly popular and on the rise to not only find new customers, but to keep on selling to existing customers (as they say ‘find a customer, sell to that customer and then sell to them again’).
We have already covered ‘getting noticed’ in inboxes so by targeting your campaigns to appropriate groups or segments, rather than banging out the same campaign to all your prospects, you should see better results.
If your would like to know more about how to build appropriate and targeted segmented lists then why not give us a call to discuss this further on 01437 720033 and speak to one of our email marketing experts.

5. Be Realistic With Your Expectations

Everyone wants to get more business and achieve success in their marketing campaigns.
You need to make sure you have SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Time Bound) targets set within your business but also share this with your team.
Email marketing (as with any other digital marketing strategies) can take a lot of time to perfect and hit the ‘sweet spot’. Don’t be afraid to have campaigns that fail, but learn from these and tweak and change them so that the next campaign hits improvement and gets those additional sales in for the business.

6. Using Video & Images

Video is now becoming more and more important in any form of online marketing for many businesses.
Some of the main reasons for this is:

  1. It’s easier to consume,
  2. It offers many opportunities for diverse distribution
  3. It allows your brand to be more human and interactive
  4. It’s an awesome way to implement storytelling of your brand, product or service.

Users now enjoy a ‘multi media experience’ and we at The Digital Formula have been saying for years that why not have your own online TV channel and send your messages out in this.
According to research conducted by Email Monks and get Response, the use of video in email marketing is showing very promising results:

  1. 55% increase in click-through rates
  2. 44% more time spent reading emails
  3. 41% more email sharing and forwarding
  4. 24% increase in conversion rates

Email Monks says video email offers a return 280% higher than traditional email.
To Conclude
We hope these tips have been useful for you and give you an idea into the massive potential that email marketing has for your business.
Web Adept can offer further training, consultancy or management in this area of online marketing so please get in touch with us if you want to find out more.
Call us on 01437 720033 or complete the contact us form to get in touch and to discuss your needs.

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