5 ways to make a success of your digital marketing strategy

Whatever your digital marketing strategy, wherever you have allocated your online marketing spend – social media, content, SEO or paid marketing – you’ve planned for success. That’s why you’ve taken the time to draw up a digital marketing strategy in the first place.
Yet for many, the promised rewards don’t roll in as anticipated. So, here we set out 5 ways to make a success of your digital marketing strategy:

  1. The details of your online marketing strategy matter

If your digital strategy doesn’t drill down into the detail of what you’re going to do to implement your strategy, you have less chance of success. Planning to major on social media? Which platforms? When will you post? How often will you review your analytics?

  1. Keep track of your digital marketing activity

There are a multitude of factors that will impact on the success of your digital strategy. Some you can control, some you can’t.

What you can do is keep track of your online activity, what’s happening around you online and what the impact is. If you need to ditch some of your activities tweak your strategy – and you should be prepared to do this – you need to know where the changes are required.

  1. Be flexible and diversify

A successful digital marketing strategy is a complex balancing act – but worth the effort. Success comes from choosing from the wide range of platforms and activities available and producing something that’s coherent and deliverable.
Concentrating too much on one area of activity means you will lose out on traffic and engagement from other areas. Yes, it’s a lot to juggle and balance, but that’s where the rewards come from.
One last thing to mention: there is no perfect digital strategy. Don’t be afraid of taking risks and experimenting with different routes to marketing, different platforms, different approaches. Learn what works, ditch what doesn’t.

  1. Spend wisely on your digital marketing strategy

Some people think that digital marketing is ‘free’. After all, anyone can knock up a free website, set up a Facebook business page and write a few blogs. Right? Well, yes they can, but will it achieve results? Probably not.
Effective digital marketing takes time to devise and implement, even with the use of some widely available effective tools. You will still need to invest time and money to get it right.
However, that doesn’t mean unlimited spending either. Set a budget and work within it. A well-built website, coupled with a well thought out digital strategy and the resources to put the strategy in to practice is what you need – not a bottomless bank account.

  1. Resource strategically

Whatever size your business, you really can’t ignore digital marketing – and the chances are you will need help getting to grips with what it means for your sector and business. If nothing else, it’s important to remember that the ‘day job’ of the business has to continue.
You may choose to resource this internally, or to work with an expert outsource partner to manage digital activities on your behalf. Remember that you can also go for a combination of the two, perhaps by using a digital marketing agency to offer mentoring services to an inhouse team.
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