5 Ways Blogging Can Improve Your Site's Search Engine Optimisation

Blogging is increasingly becoming more important in terms of content marketing.  If you’re looking at your website and wondering how to improve your website’s SEO then adding a regular, informative and original blog could be one of the easiest and most valuable ways to do it.  So let’s get started with some of the basics.
SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process by which you ‘optimise’ your site for a search engine.  So what exactly is a search engine?  Well a search engine is the tool used to provide internet surfers with a list of relevant indexed content in response to their query.  The most common ones are Google, Bing and Yahoo.  This list which turns up when you have entered your search is generated by a bot, also known as a spider, which has searched and indexed all the content available online.  Search Engine Optimisation is the process of getting your site to the top of the list which has been generated by this spider.
So how can we keep this bot happy?
Well, firstly think about the way which you use search engines. When do you use a search engine? When you’re looking for answers quickly. Well the spider cuts the need for you to sift through content and produces results almost instantaneously.  In order to produce these search results they use detailed and minute algorithms to help them sort the wheat from the chafe in terms of search results.
The methods and algorithms which they use to sort results constantly evolves, however there are some basic rules in order to improve or maintain your SEO ranking, and one of the easiest ways of doing this is through blogging.
So, blogging – what is that exactly?  Well a blog is a section of your website where news/events/offers/articles are published.  They are different from the static pages of your site as they will be being constantly updated.
But how does blogging improve your Search Engine Optimisation?
Let us show you…..

1. New Content

Fresh content gives the bots and algorithms new material to index to your website.  Adding fresh content is the best and easiest way to flag up to the search engines that there is new stuff on your website – and the last thing which a bot wants to display in it’s search engine results is  a site which hasn’t been updated in years – because why would anyone want to read old, out of date content.

2. Answer the Questions

People use search engines to ask questions, and your blog is one of the easiest places to provide them.  Think about it, what kind of questions might someone who is looking for your service type into google – once you’ve thought about that write a blog answering that question!  It’ll be new content for Google and it’ll be actually useful to your users.

3. Keywords

This point follows on easily from numbers one and two above.  You’ve added your new content and you’ve answered the questions which your users might be asking, but how else can your blog improve your search results.  Well through the intelligent use of keywords!  Adding these blogs, and these questions is a brilliant way of incorporating extra keywords into your website.  But be aware, don’t over stuff them.  The keyword rich content which you are adding to your blogs should still be useful to your reader and long gone are the times which you could write your keywords over and over in white writing and hide it in the body of the page.  These bots are clever and instead of helping your site it could simply blacklist your site.

4.  Adding Images

Adding images has become increasingly important for indexing – this is because people love great images and the algorithms used by the bots have taken this into account.  Images are great, but videos are even better!  When you’ve added your images or videos to your website make sure you’re exploiting all the areas where you can get a couple more keywords in, from the alt text behind the images, to the actual name of the images – using DHIMG1899283-00 is no longer an acceptable name for a picture on a website.

5. Building your Backlinks

If you’re adding great, pertinent, content to your website you will start to find that people will begin linking back to you or interacting with your blog.  You can carve out a niche for your sort of content online and create your own web of information.  That’d be great for your users and customers, but also for the SEO rewards it’s really helpful.  The SEO bots love a backlink, as it proves your page/blog is an authority which other people have been interested enough in to link to.  A backlink proves that you are adding verified, and quality content to the world wide web.
Well, these are just a few points to get you started with improved content and SEO results online. There are some recent statistics which indicate that 95% of businesses who regularly use a blog report higher rankings, and for smaller businesses, those who blog get 126% more lead growth than those who don’t.
With facts like that available surely the value of blogging becomes a no-brainer!
If you aren’t sure how to get started, or don’t know your keyword from your alt tag then get in touch.  We can help. From setting up blogs to writing your blogs on your behalf (filled with keywords!) we get you started.
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