5 Social Media Stereotypes to Watch Out For this Christmas

It’s Christmas…a time for peace, harmony, terrible jumpers and discovering the truth about people you’re ‘friends’ with or follow on social media. Just as in life, so it is on social media: the festive season is a time when people show their true colours. In the spirit of the season, here are 5 social media stereotypes to watch out for this Christmas, and some dos and don’ts to keep you sane!

The Christmas Enthusiast: The Christmas Enthusiast has been waiting for the opportunity to start Tweeting and Facebooking the Christmas countdown with since the decorations came down last January. Having spent the rest of the year enthusiastically jumping on every trending hashtag to fill in the empty months between Christmases, the Christmas Enthusiast had the #ChristmasTree up shortly after #Halloween. In fact, you may already have unfollowed the Christmas Enthusiast to avoid the rising feelings of irritation that accompany every (increasingly frequent) update about ‘Santa’s’ whereabouts on Norad’s Santa Tracker. If you haven’t, we give you until 11.36 a.m. on 23rd December, when you’ll be tipped over the edge by yet another snowflake gif.

The Conflicted Christmas Ad lover: The Christmas Ad has achieved epic status on social media in the last few years – emotive, designed to make even the most hardened of us crumble and, crucially, eminently shareable – there’s no doubting the impact of these marketing gems on digital channels as well as conventional marketing channels. As the ads become more sophisticated, though, the Christmas Ad Lover becomes increasingly conflicted. Is it OK to like the budget supermarket’s ‘spoof’ ad when she liked the original so much? Will she be mocked for sharing Mog’s Christmas Calamity (#ChristmasisforSharing) again after retweeting #manonthemoon so frequently? Why do people persist in remaking the ads using lego star wars figures?

The Festive Foodie: Social media is where the foodies hang out – no question. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – there are some fantastic foodie accounts to follow year round. The trouble with Christmas is that people have time on their hands and food on the table. Even people who normally wouldn’t go anywhere near the cooker venture forth, smart phone in one hand, a copy of “Jamie Blumenthal does a sous-vide Christmas”. Frankly, it’s a recipe for social media disaster as photo after photo of dry turkey, curdled sauces and obscure ingredients fills up your feed.

The Passive Aggressive Present Buyer: As the frenzy of consumerism firmly grips social media in the days leading up to Christmas, watch out for the person dropping massive hints about the AMAZING presents they have been buying yet *isn’t* expecting anything in return *jokes*. As the ‘LOL’s and the ‘#blessed’-s increase in direct correlation with a decrease in the number of days left to Christmas, all you can do is watch and wait for the crashing online disappointment that’s bound to reverberate across that corner of your feed for weeks (if not months) to come.

The Knackered Parent: KP desperately wants to be enjoying Christmas with the family but with such little time between finishing up work and getting the preparations sorted, well, (s)he’s just knackered. Expect early morning social media posting when the kids surface around 4.37a.m. to check if Santa’s been, and a slump around 10:13 a.m. before the first glass of fizz appears on their feed – after all #itisChristmas

Our advice – sort out your business social media for Christmas early as possible (there’s still time if you haven’t done so already!) then kick back relax and enjoy! We here at Web Adept wish you all a very Happy Christmas – we’ll see you back here on the blog in 2016!

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