5 Simple Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Most businesses are probably aware now of the importance of having a strong social media presence. That being said, not every business knows how to market their products online effectively.This can result in not only wasting time but could potentially turn customers away.
Here are 5 simple social media tips to consider when you’re trying to make the most of social media.

1. Make sure you have a Clear Social Media Policy

A good social media policy will ensure that everyone who posts on your company’s social media accounts remain professional and understands the voice and tone that the company wants associated with it’s brand. It’s good practice to to ensure that the people that represent your business are always being respectful of your customers, competitors and everyone else online.

2. Using the Right Social Media Platforms

Different social media sites serve different purposes. Because of this it’s important to choose the right platforms for your business. Although some of your content can be shared across more than one social site, it may be a good idea to add different, exclusive content to each different platform and to tailor your posts based on the audience you’re targeting. In other words, something that may perform well on Facebook my not appeal to your Instagram audience being targeted.

3. Make sure you post consistently

It’s important to make sure that you invest the time and energy into posting regularly and consistently to your online social media platforms. It’s also important to remember that whilst you may have more followers on one account, you shouldn’t totally abandon your other accounts. Managing multiple platforms can be a struggle but there are tools out there to help make this task easier such as Hootsuite.

4. Don’t allow the Negative Comments Get to You

At some point you’re more than like going to encounter a dissatisfied, rude or angry customer on one of your social media platforms. At times like this it’s important to remain polite when you respond even if you’re refusing the customer a refund or any other demand. Being seen as the angry business owner is only going to damage your business reputation both online and offline.

5. Make sure you use the Right Hashtags

Many businesses who make jokes via the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere often tend to send the wrong message. But using the hashtag at the right time in an appropriate manner and also encouraging your customers to can lead to some great rewards. Getting enough momentum can land your business with free, valuable exposure that comes with having your hashtag trending.

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