The 5 Biggest Lies Social Media Marketers Tell

And why your business shouldn’t depend on what the social media marketers would have you believe!

We’ve all read the articles, ‘How Social Media Can Help Your Business!’.  Articles which full cover how important social media is to one’s business, how businesses without social media coverage and social media marketing plans are ultimately going to fail.  Well we are here to talk to you down and give you some reasons why Social Media Marketing isn’t all it seems and de-bunk some of the myths which circulate regarding social media…….

1. Every Business should actively implement a social media Strategy!

Some businesses just aren’t really prime for social media! There is no shame in that, lots of businesses and brands have little or no place on social media.  It is important to look at, and evaluate what your business could use social media to do, and if you’d even do anything with it at all?  Maybe you should consider putting that time and effort that would have been used to create a social media strategy into investing in organic online marketing, so that if people do want to find your business you are right there at the top of the search engines.

2. It’s the New SEO!

Social Media Marketers do seem to work on the pretense that Social Media Marketing will soon become the most important aspect of your online presence.  We disagree.  Once again, we cannot stress enough that each business is different, some businesses suit social media marketing, some don’t.  There is no universal practice which will suit everyone but one thing that we do know – Search Engines are going nowhere.

3. You Can Sell Your Products on Social!

Well this is not a total lie.  Of course you can sell your products on social.  But think about the effort which would go into selling over social media.  Some businesses it might work for, but if you’re a standard company then chasing sales on social media may actually be a lot of work.  It could include doing things like monitoring social media constantly in order to find some one in need of your service.  Wouldn’t it just be easier if you invested your money and time into some nice organic marketing which will bring your business up the search engines and mean that instead of you trawling through social media platforms to find business your customers will be able to quickly and easily find you when they are in need.

4. Social Media is  Great Free Marketing Tool!

We live in an age where we want everything to be quick, easy and most importantly, free.  The social media myth that social media is free should be put to bed.  Yes, it is free to set these platforms up but that is where it ends. Managing and maintaining social media takes up a whole lot of time, and if you’re in business your time really does mean money.  If you are going to run with social media you have to be prepared to bring in some expert advice and train someone to do it properly.  It is important to note also that social media advertising and sharing is getting a lot more difficult than it used to be as social media platforms move closer and closer towards completely paid models for business pages.

5. Join as Many Social Networks as you Can!

Every business is different.  Not every Social Media Channel will suit you.  You need to sit back and evaluate exactly how your business and your customers would use social media in order to find you and your products.  If you want to invest your time in social media then make sure you aren’t spreading yourself too thinly.  Redundant social media platforms looks less professional than not having a platform at all.  So if you and your team don’t have enough time to keep up with Instagram, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc then don’t attempt it.  Focus your energy into the social network which is most likely to help your business. How do you find out which Social Media Network is right for you?  Do a bit of research into the demographics of each social media platform and make a decision about which one caters most to your audience.  Have a look at our other blogs for a quick lowdown on the main social media networks.
So, we are not saying that Social Media shouldn’t be used by businesses to improve and market themselves but we are saying that each business is different.  You need to take a step back and analyze which social media would suit you, whether social media would help you online and then maybe think about investing your time and money into a different online marketing strategy.
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