4 Steps to Success – Local Digital Marketing

Local digital marketing – who best understands your local market?
Following the well-worn marketing adage: “Think Global, Act Local”, who can forget HSBC’s famous ad based on the confusion of Chinese dining etiquette? A European businessman mistakenly finishes his dinner of conger eel – signifying hunger. The poor man then compounds his error by miserably clearing pate after plate of ever bigger eel as his hosts strive to ‘satisfy’ their guest.
The ad presents the premise of growing a global business through understanding local markets and customs. Ironically, “The World’s Local Bank” grew their global empire by buying up businesses with established customer bases. Remember the Midland Bank anyone?

How do we afford local marketing, yet still have time for customers?

While most of us can’t buy up the competition, we can still appreciate the need for understanding and exploiting local markets. Trouble is, how do we do this and still have time for providing our customers with the personal touch that keeps them coming back?
The answer of course lies in local digital marketing. Affordable and efficient, it allows you to reach your local market on a level playing field with much larger competitors, leaving you the time to add value to your customer service.
So, here are our 4 Steps to success in local digital marketing – without needing a mega budget!

Step 1: Register with Google My BusinessWhy?

Step 2:  Register with other key business search listing sites that will help local digital marketing

Here are just a few that are worth your time and attention:

Step 3:  Update your SEO and Meta Description – to help people find your website

Finally! Now you are listed on all the key directories and enabled customers to find you, there is one crucial and often forgotten step to remember:

Step 4:  Give your website the attention it needs – The final step to local digital marketing!

Implementing these 4 steps will ensure that local customers can both find and contact you with ease.
Online listings will spread the news about you and also enable you to ensure that online listings, and reviews and feedback present you as the trustworthy place to shop locally!
So, perhaps this all sounds great, yet not so easy to put into practice? If you want to dip your toe into digital but are not sure where to begin, WebAdept have been producing local digital marketing solutions and strategies for 20 yrs. Get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you!

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