3 tips to Improve your Marketing Mix

Going back even 10 years, the marketing mix for any business was quite straightforward: have strategies for your 4 ‘P’s:

With all these covered you were well on your way to a strong marketing strategy. Today the marketing mix looks a bit different. The reason, or course, is the ascendance of digital marketing.

Is your business flexible enough to adapt to the digital age?

That doesn’t mean that traditional marketing is no longer relevant – but it does mean that your business needs to be much more flexible and willing to adapt to the digital age.
Improving your marketing mix could include any (or all) of the following:

  1. Influencers and content marketing

Stay on top of new tools and platforms to make sure you’re where your customers are!

2. Social Media

“It is increasingly hard to separate price and promotion. It is more appropriate to talk about value.” Matt Barwell, Britvic

3. Do Things Differently to Your Competitors

There is still a place for the 4P’s, but in today’s fast moving digital age, to stay on top of the competition you also need to stay on top of the new tools and platforms that your customers are engaging with.
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